Sunday links, 5/12/14

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, and to any other mothers reading this! 🙂

street art of colorful heart in a gold frame

-I love this fat femme wedding photoshoot and this pretty girls in pastels shoot.
-Sarah interviews Helen Castillo, who designed Mary Lambert’s recent red carpet dresses.
Captivating tomboy floral spring inspiration.
Why we all need a safe space to shop for lingerie. I so wish there were a store like this in Boston!
To all the fat babes out there blogging pictures of themselves in clothes, swimsuits, or naked….
-I’m a total sucker for fashion illustrations made with real flowers.

Fat Acceptance
-Lots of fatspiration: these Pacific Islander dancers, this gorgeous burlesque dancer live modeling for artists, this singer, this weight-lifter, and this adorable chubster with a corgi.
Help fat activists get to the Allied Media Conference!
-Rachele was unwillingly turned into a fat person meme.
Weight Watchers’ repulsive new ad campaign asks women to publicly confess their shame…for eating.
Stop describing your diet as “clean eating.”
Yes, doctor, I know I’m fat.
If you tell a girl she’s fat…

A video of the Fat Flash Mob including interviews with the dancers:

Climate and Sustainability
Finally, Neil deGrasse Tyson and “Cosmos” take on climate change.
-This solar roadways project looks incredibly promising.
-Two more promising technologies: jet fuel made from sunlight and solar panels made with common elements rather than rare-earth metals.
Why are so many white men trying to save the planet without the rest of us?
How to solve climate change with cows (maybe).

Everything Else
Elsa and trans iconography: the snow queen’s gloves come off.
Eight ways to reclaim Mother’s Day: “The founder of Mother’s Day was a righteous, anti-capitalist bitch. This year, let’s skip the toxic flowers and honor peace.”
Mamas’ Day 2014: love, respect, peace of mind, and young mamahood.
Are Iranians people of color? Persian, Muslim, and model minority race politics.
I was Shailene Woodley: I used to say I wasn’t a feminist.
Shailene Woodley is proof of why feminists need to take over school boards.
Cecily McMillan’s conviction provides a helpful primer on how the criminal justice system is totally fucked.
What if the LGBTQ movement fought for prison abolition rather than same-sex marriage?
I hear them breathing: trans women, prison, and the limits of tolerance.

the esplanade in boston with pink cherry trees, dark clouds, sunshine, and shadows
The burden, and the wall, of Zionism: a fascinating analysis of the many meanings of the term.
Tina Belcher’s sexual revolution: how Bob’s Burgers is changing the way TV depicts teen sexuality.
-For members of marginalized groups, “purity” in writing workshops often means the straight white male perspective.
-Help Biyuti Publishing, which publishes the works of trans and queer people of color, become sustainable.
At sea: growing up, seeking home.
Calling the white man’s police.
-This teen girl’s response to a sex abuse scandal within the YouTube community is so important.
Hurt, rage, and endless beauty.
-These giant paper flowers are AMAZING.


3 thoughts on “Sunday links, 5/12/14

  1. Yes, Rachele being made a fat meme was bad enough, but then the dudebros of 4chan decided to raid her blog and posted over 1200 vile messages on her post before she was able to moderate them. It was pushback and then some. There are some seriously frightening individuals out there. It sucks.

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