Climate activism, carousels, and cherry blossoms: a day in the city

fossil fuel divestment rally in front of massachusetts state house

I’m starting a new temp job next week, so yesterday I took advantage of my free time and the gorgeous weather to spend the entire afternoon taking in the beauty of Boston in the spring.

I went into the city to rally for fossil fuel divestment at the Massachusetts State House. We sung “Sing for the Climate,” lined up on the steps like a choir, and then people split up to deliver flowers to the representatives who support the divestment bill and clocks (message: time is running out) to those who don’t.

There’s nothing quite like protesting in the spring, when anything feels possible. Especially when, not only have two Massachusetts towns divested from fossil fuels in the past week, but so has the first major university. I’m starting to have hope that the tide is finally–if excruciatingly slowly–turning. That we really will build a better world.

giant earth surrounded by black balloons representing carbon dioxide at fossil fuel divestment rally

young people holding signs at fossil fuel divestment rally

malcolm bliss speaking at fossil fuel divestment rally in front of massachusetts state house

After the rally, I was hungry. I was planning to walk to Chinatown for banh mi, but luckily, it turned out there was a new banh mi place right in Downtown Crossing. And it was so good! I ate my sandwich outside, and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the Common and the Public Garden.

I couldn’t resist taking a ride on the carousel:

selfie on a carousel

I love that it has so many different animals, including a cat, a chicken, and a seahorse.

carousel horse and cat

carousel horse and reindeer

carousel sea monster

carousel horse and chicken

I always fall back in love with Boston at this time of year. How could I not?

yellow tulips and pink cherry tree in the boston public garden

weeping willows, cherry tree, and lagoon in boston public garden

close-up of pink and yellow tulips

swan swimming alongside swan boat in boston public garden

In addition to walking around, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon reading Louise Erdich’s The Painted Drum, which I highly recommend. She has an amazing skill for weaving stories together.

red, orange, and yellow tulips

red and yellow tulips in the boston public garden

close-up of maroon dark purple tulips

close-up of pink tulips

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