The Big Thrifty 2014 = awesomeness.

group of volunteers sitting on pile of bagged clothing donations

The Big Thrifty just gets better every year. This year, it moved to a much more spacious location, which was a huge improvement over the previous one. Not only was it bigger, air-conditioned, and so much more comfortable, but it had extra space for movement classes and hanging out. Being able to sit around, talk with my friends, and make new ones made the event so much more fun.

I volunteered to help set up the event the night before, which was a lot of fun although unexpectedly exhausting. I got to meet Deb Malkin, the founder of Re/Dress and co-founder of the Big Fat Flea, and a bunch of other cool people. We volunteers also got first crack at the clothes, and I found a few great pieces–including the sparkly bubble skirt that I wore to the event itself.

One of the new features this year was a photobooth, which means I have some fun pictures from the event to post! A bunch of them feature the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a modern order of queer nuns. They were so nice and had some truly fabulous costumes.

three women and two drag nuns in rainbow photobooth

Me with Shannon, Emily, and two of the Sisters

The Thicky Chicky had a pop-up shop at the event. It was great to see Izzy and check out her wares in person! Her earrings, which you can find here, totally matched the photobooth background. 🙂

two women in rainbow photobooth

Unfortunately, the previous night’s volunteering left me too tired to take advantage of any of the movement classes–there was yoga, bellydancing, and burlesque–but Rachel of More To Love tried the bellydancing and loved it. Next year, I might skip the volunteering so I can have the energy for at least one movement class, because there’s nothing quite like shimmying with other fat people.

two women with queer nuns in rainbow photobooth

Me and Rachel with two of the Sisters. The one on the left had AMAZING hot pink platform boots!

A few highlights of the event: eating ridiculously delicious cupcakes made by Write Here Write Now, listening to Kerr Griffin play “Fat-Bottomed Girls,” and just sitting around and chatting with awesome people.

two women holding clothing in front of rainbow photobooth

Me and Esther, who found an incredible floral dress.

Also, I found out about 2nd Appearance, a consignment shop that was one of the event’s sponsors. The owner is branching out into plus sizes, and will be buying some of the leftovers from the Big Thrifty, with proceeds going to Impact Boston. There are so few places to buy plus size clothes here in the Boston area, so it’s good to know about another option.

three women making silly faces in rainbow photobooth

Me, Shana, and Esther being silly! Also I love that we were all wearing combinations of black and pink.

Oh yeah, I also tried on a ridiculously ’80s wedding dress. The pictures don’t even do justice to its ’80s-ness–it was covered in sequins and beads.

woman wearing 80s wedding dress with two queer nuns

woman wearing 80s wedding dress with two queer nuns as bridesmaids

two women in rainbow photobooth

Me and Jesse, who came wearing her Nanny Who t-shirt

two women holding cupcakes in rainbow photobooth

Om nom nom!

group of women and queer nuns eating cupcakes in rainbow photobooth

Seriously, the cupcakes were the best. (There were also other tasties, including peanut butter Hershey’s kiss cookies and Fruity Pebbles rice krispie treats.)

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