Sunday links, 5/4/14

calico cat sitting in red lawn chair on a porch

My feline friend Sophie, who likes to come hang out on my porch.

Happy Star Wars Day–May the Fourth be with you! 😉

Johnny Weir’s hat just won the Kentucky Derby.
(85 pieces of) proof that you can rock a bikini at any size!
-I love the Big Fat Flea’s fatshion features, and I hope to make it to their event someday.
-These gender neutral children’s clothes are great.
-Nicki Minaj = fashion inspiration forever.
-Leah reviews the Big Bloomers Company anti-chub-rub shorts. I’ve had good luck with similar shorts from the Thigh Society.
How to rock a tulle skirt without looking like you’re in a ballerina costume.

Fat Acceptance
-Two awesome fat events coming up in California: Fatty Fun in the Sun in Oakland, and Second Helpings Visual Art Exhibition and Performance Fatinee in San Francisco.
-The latter event needs some support to make it possible. Two other fat-related projects that could use your support: the Fired Fat Girl Travel Fund, and the Fat Nutritionist’s goal of becoming a radical dietician. (How messed-up is it that becoming a dietician requires a more-than-full-time, nine-month-long unpaid internship? Michelle shouldn’t have to turn to the internet to be able to pursue her chosen career.)
Read Gabourey Sidibe’s wonderful speech from the Ms. Foundation Gala. Love her!
-Lesley writes about the awesomeness that is the Adipositivity Project.
-Lonie takes on the myth that when you accept your body and stop trying to lose weight, you’ll lose weight.
-I love this way of looking at stretch marks.
Fat acceptance, like Batman, has no limits.

Bellydancing to Adele = awesome.

Climate and Sustainability
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Don’t worry, the earth will survive climate change–we might not.
Why we talk about the Kochs.
Divestment goes mainstream with the first fossil free index.
-Huzzah! Justices back rule limiting coal pollution.
Could garbage fuel help green the airline industry?
-A great piece about the Cowboy and Indian Alliance.

Willie Nelson sings “America the Beautiful” juxtaposed with images of mountaintop removal to highlight opposition to the practice:

Jobs and the Economy
Worst May Day ever: GOP filibusters bill to raise minimum wage. Uggh. In happier news, though, Seattle’s mayor announced a minimum wage increase to $15, which will then be tied to the Consumer Price Index.
More work, no pay: why I detest “literary citizenship.”

Why the “teaching a man to fish” parable is a lie, at least in a capitalist system:

Everything Else
-Daniel Jose Older writes a powerful essay about life, trauma, and his experiences as a paramedic.
-Junot Diaz writes about the unbearable whiteness of creating writing MFA programs.
20 photos that change the Holocaust narrative.
On Holocaust Remembrance Day: a call to stop falsely accusing activists of anti-Semitism.
The cold never bothered me anyway: Frozen and depression.
Raising an urban Native kid in a white bubble.
Helen Keller was a militant anti-capitalist radical.
-s.e. deconstructs why the quote, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” is so damn annoying.
17 more lies we need to stop teaching girls about sex.
How do people know their gender?
Coming out can be dangerous, and celebrating queer visibility is not enough.
Why I no longer apologize for my crutches.
Five times Cosmos‘ Neil deGrasse Tyson stole my feminist heart.
The bleaching of San Francisco: extreme gentrification and suburbanized poverty in the Bay Area.
Seven policies that could prevent Roxbury’s gentrification. I really like that this piece offers policy suggestions rather than suggesting that gentrification can be solved by being nicer to one’s neighbors, a shortsighted view I’ve read too often.
An A to Z guide on being undocumented.
-Jessica Valenti writes about her 28-week pregnancy and a 20-week abortion ban: why choice still matters.
Blogging against disablism day 2014: valuing the life criptastic.
-I love this idea for an agate slice art wall.

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