OOTD: Letting my inner child out at the Boston Grown-Ups Museum

woman standing in front of fort point channel wearing pink and rainbow colorful outfit

Have I ever mentioned that I love Boston? Seriously, this town is pretty awesome. We have stuff like the Boston Grown-Ups Museum, where the Children’s Museum opens up for an adult-only night. I was so excited when I heard about it–I would finally get the chance to climb the three-story rope structure!

rope climbing structure at the boston children's museum

It turned out that the structure was full of small spaces that I could barely fit through (almost as if it were designed for kids or something). Between that and the large number of people trying to fit through it at once, I started feeling claustrophobic and had to get out pretty quickly–but at least I went in it, which is still pretty awesome.

woman in colorful outfit standing near the giant milk bottle

Of course, for such a night, I had to go all-out with childhood-inspired colorfulness.

Dress: Marimekko, thrifted, leggings: Domino Dollhouse, shoes: Skechers via Woman Within, purse: LeSportSac via eBay, bow: the Velvet Village, necklace: eBay (I agree with Leah, cheap statement necklaces from eBay are the best!), bangles: Torrid and Deb, pink star wristband: really old Hot Topic, white rhinestone wristband: So Good, earrings: Claire’s, rings: really really old (nearly all of the rings I wear these days are ones I’ve had since high school…I don’t know why!)

hand with purple nail polish, black and silver bangles, pink heart lucite ring, and pink metallic wristband with star studs

hand with purple nail polish, black and silver bangles, rose ring, and rhinestone wristband

colorful pink and rainbow marimekko and domino dollhouse plus size outfit

plus size marimekko pink geometric dress and hot pink hair bow outfit

rainbow digital print domino dollhouse leggings and pink and black skechers sneakers

One of my favorite parts of the museum = the bubble room.

man blowing bubbles with a cup

There was a dance floor where you could play games like Tetris with your feet. How cool is that?

tetris dance floor at boston children's museum

tetris dance floor at boston children's museum

At the face-painting station, Steve turned himself into a (ridiculously adorable) lion. 🙂

man wearing lion face paint, sitting in yellow tent


plastic dinosaur menacing wooden trains

Finally, a chance to sit in construction equipment without having to trespass onto a construction site!

woman sitting in a construction bobcat in children's museum

This pipe reminded me of the Keystone XL and other oil pipelines, so I gave it a big thumbs-down.

thumbs-down to a pipeline

Hanging out with a bunch of our friends:

group of friends at the boston children's museum

Overall, it was a fun night of playfulness and adventure, a good time spent with Steve and friends, and a reminder of how freaking awesome my city is. (I got so many compliments on my outfit too, which is always fun!)

This picture of me and Steve at the end of the night came out blurry, but I still love it:

couple standing in front of fort point channel

3 thoughts on “OOTD: Letting my inner child out at the Boston Grown-Ups Museum

  1. This looks like such fun! I love the outfit! The rings and bangles are wonderful. Steve does make an incredibly adorable lion. I would like to go to a similar event in the UK if it exists. I know our local kiddy play park lets adults book a party to play in the ball pit, but I doubt it’s as good as your museum. 🙂

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