Sunday links, 4/27/14

close-up of pink and white cherry blossoms

Cherry blossom season is my favorite time of the year.

-This flower crown made of real flowers is incredibly gorgeous.
Breaking the design mold: the potential of zero waste.
-I love these fashion sketches based on flower petals.
Don’t make me over.
-I love this guy’s style and the reasons behind what he wears.
Wear your clothes inside out for Fashion Revolution Day, which marks the one-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza clothing factory collapse.
Obama’s free trade agreement ignores the scandal of Rana Plaza.
-The Closet Feminist rounds up five plus size floral dresses.
Sell us the clothes, don’t judge us on them.
-Cardboard Cities interviews Erin of Zero Style.
-Remember that gorgeous Scarlett & Jo prom dress that just didn’t work on me? It looks much better on Naomi and Danielle.
-Two fatshion models/bloggers who I don’t link to because of their racist actions: Amelia Butter and Nadia Aboulhosn.

Fat Acceptance
-Two great Twitter conversations about fatness and health: #notyourgoodfatty and food politics, and Amanda Levitt on the importance of talking about health on the social structural level.
-ASDAH members talk about why the HAES principles have been updated to include intersectionality and social determinants of health.
-“I’m a dancing fatty, short and stout.”
-Virgie Tovar writes a fascinating analysis of the race and class dynamics involved in her identifying as a fat foodie.
-Lindsey Averill writes about being stalked by a troll due to her work on the Fattitude documentary.

I love Mary Lambert’s new “Body Love” video:

Climate and Sustainability
-This entire piece is one enormous truth bomb. If you only read one thing this week, make it this: Let this Earth Day be the last.
Brought together by Keystone XL pipeline fight, “Cowboys and Indians” heal old wounds.
The “environmentalists” who scapegoat women and immigrants on climate change.
Mamas Day 2014: mothering through climate chaos.
Street artist Swoon takes on rising sea levels and drowning communities.
WashU sit-in enters historic third week: Peabody moment of truth arrives. These students are such an inspiration.
-Best climate change 101 I’ve seen so far: this video that explains climate change with Tetris.
Solar warriors vs. the black snake of tar sands.
The new abolitionism: how the political economy of fossil fuels has a precedent in the political economy of slavery. (Thankfully, the author makes it clear that he is not making a moral comparison between slavery and the use of fossil fuels.)
On Earth Day, these photos remind us just how little we know of the planet we call home.
Racial and environmental justice are two sides of the same coin.
-An adorable comic about how cats celebrate Earth Day.

Jobs and the Economy
The sharing economy isn’t about trust, it’s about desperation. This is so true, but it only applies to the venture capitalist-backed “sharing economy;” the actual grassroots sharing economy is pretty awesome (you can read more about the distinction between the two here).
-You know that basic income thing I keep going on about? Martin Luther King, Jr. supported it.
-The idea of a job guarantee is interesting, and could be a good complement to a basic income.
America’s “we” problem.
-This article is a few years old, but still relevant: The non-profit starvation cycle.
The rise of the digital proletariat.

Hank Green’s new music video, “I Fucking Love Science,” is so much fun:

Everything Else
Asphalt activism vs. online activism: the phony divide.
-This video of dogs annoying cats with their friendship is hilarious and so sweet.
-I love this Jem and the Holograms graffiti mural.
Maud Vantour’s 3-D paper art is amazing.
Diversity is not enough: race, power, and publishing.
On cultivating moments of whimsy and connection as a survival tool.
Linking capitalism and immigration: a Q&A with migrant justice activist Harsha Walia.
Watch this perfect parody of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign.
Our r/evolutionary bodies: on being black and sick.
Five things you should know about your agender acquaintance.
On anxiety and instant responses.
Frozen‘s world of men.
-How the much-lamented digital “stream” helps marginalized people speak up and connect with each other.
On being bisexual but not binary.
Coming together: reclaiming memory and reconciling identity.
B-style is not a thing: stop believing everything white people say about Japan.
-Katie Lew writes about how a chronic illness effected her identity and her relationship with her body.
Mental health: why we’re all sick under neoliberalism. I think there’s a lot of truth to this, and I also want to add some nuance. Mental health and mental illness (and the big gray area in the middle) are incredibly complex. Social factors are a huge influence, but so is brain chemistry; wealthy and otherwise privileged people struggle with mental illness too. I think it’s important to talk about how poverty, lack of opportunity, and the traumas of oppression affect mental health, but it’s also important to remember that brains are weird, mental health isn’t black-and-white, and even in a just and equal society, we’d still have some mental illnesses just like we’d still have some physical illnesses.

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