Fantasy outfit: floral and tulle with an edge

Floral and tulle with an edge

I’m a little obsessed with the particular floral pattern of that sweater. I’d seen it around on various straight sized pieces, so I was super-excited to find that Boohoo’s new plus size line uses it on not one, but three items of clothing. The dress, which is my favorite, only goes up to a UK 20/US 16, though. And the sweater goes up to UK 24/US 20, but is sold out in that size. Boooo. I’m really sick of plus size lines with such limited sizing.

6 thoughts on “Fantasy outfit: floral and tulle with an edge

  1. It bothers me when plus size lines are so NOT inclusive, but I think they’ve said if there’s the demand they’ll increase the sizes. That’d be good!

    • Aren’t they amazing? I wish I could buy them, but I have wide feet…

      Yeah, it’s definitely bullshit. I hope they actually mean it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t. When are we going to see a line that starts at 24 or 26, and says they’ll think about expanding down to 14 or 16?

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