Monday links, 4/21/14

labyrinth with stones and small shrubs

-Sara rounds up gorgeous chunky sandals (which are exactly what I’d be wearing if I could find some that fit me!)
A plus size swimwear resource list.
-I’m always on the lookout for shops that sell tutus, and I just found 1583 Designs, which makes tutus of various colors (including ombre patterns!) in custom sizes.
-A list of size 4X ModCloth items that actually fit like a  28/30.
-I love this colorful shoot featuring some awesome purses.

Fat Acceptance
-Lindsey Averill writes about why she’s making a documentary about fatness.
How to actually stop stigmatizing obesity.
-A great comic about being fat and proud.
-If you’re in L.A., check out this awesome-looking fat burlesque, drag, and hoop-dancing show!
-The lesbian magazine Curve Magazine‘s latest issue, the Body Issue, is full of fabulous fatness. I bought a copy at a local bookstore, and I seriously want to put every other page up on my wall. It includes an interview with Mary Lambert, a blurb on Gisela Ramirez’ “F*ck Flattering” shirt, a piece about the intersection of being fat and a queer POC, a feature on Size Queen Clothing and Rowdy Baubles jewelry, and so much more.
-Chicagoans, check out the new Body Positive Chicago community.
We are not smarter than hunger.
-Tori writes about what she learned at the Body Love Conference. You can also see some pictures of the conference here.
-Ragen takes apart that ridiculous Feminist Wire piece that I ranted about here.

This woman’s style is amazing. I wish I could find similar clothing in my size!

Climate and Sustainability
-Badass woman alert: Meet the Lakota tribe grandmother teaching thousands how to get arrested to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.
Indigenous Komi people in Russia are fed up with oil.
On why the environmental movement is failing to “diversify.”
Dominoes fall as divestment movement celebrates victories nationwide.
-Through this post, I found A Year of No Flying, a really interesting blog written by a couple who traveled the world without flying to explore solutions to the climate crisis.
More than 900 environmental advocates slain in a decade as concern for the planet grows.
Harvard fossil fuel divestment smackdown: the faculty vs. President Faust.
-Brentin Mock watches the one segment of Years of Living Dangerously, in which Harrison Ford blames governments in the developing world for environmental destruction while letting Americans off the hook, and hopes that the series will deepen its analyses of the problem.

Jobs and the Economy
It’s not the “confidence gap”–here’s what’s really holding women back.
-Sarah Kendzior’s profile of fast food workers who are fighting for higher wages is a must-read.
Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world.
Progressive? Pay your interns.

This fat flash mob dance is so fun:

Everything Else
Gentrification is not inevitable.
Eldercare: the forgotten feminist issue.
-Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks about sexism and racism in science (transcript here).
Two decades after Oslo, a look at life in Israel and Palestine.
Latest publishing trend: books that teach women to be overconfident blowhards, just like men.
-Huzzah! Scarleteen has met the minimum goal they needed to avoid shutting down any of their services (see update at the top of this post). If you still want to donate, a generous donor will match your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000, until May 1st.
Watch this father sing “Home” with his daughters and help fight for family reunification.
Suicide is not selfish.
Medicating the jerkbrain and the single story of mental illness.
My black atheist FAQ.

Juicy D. Light talks about being a woman of color in fat activism:

-I love this comic about traveling alone.
-A lovely meditation on waiting to till the fields.
Blame US policies, not single mothers, for child poverty.
A black girl’s constant fear: why I never thought I’d live to see 33.
Your new hero: Mongolia’s 13-year old eagle huntress.
This sign language rap battle is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
Thoughts on the overuse of “privilege” (or why BuzzFeed is trash).
Activist Monica Jones found guilty of “manifesting prostitution.”
Predatory equity: how Wall Street screwed over tenants in New York City.
My life as an invisible queer femme.

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