Sunday links, 4/13/14

selfie of woman in leather jacket with pink sunglasses and black cat looking evil

Chilling with my friend Napoleon, the Dark Feline Lord of Somerville. (He may look diabolical in this picture, but he’s actually a total sweetheart!)

(I accidentally scheduled this post for Monday instead of Sunday…oops!)

A bra-shopping guide for trans women.
ASOS Curve now has wide fit shoes! Huzzah! Their selection is small, but I hope it will expand.
This fiber optic dress is awesome.

Fat Acceptance
Fattitude: A Body-Positive Documentary looks amazing. Check out their Kickstarter, donate if you can, and signal-boost!
-I love these shirts, bumper stickers, and magnets that say “My only weight problem is your problem with my weight.”
-Another awesome fat project on Kickstarter: fat yoga online classes.
-A response to a troll’s statement that “wheezing around the block” doesn’t count as exercise.
-Shannon writes about the assumptions people make about her (unintentional) weight loss, and why they’re wrong.
-The Fat Nutritionist clarifies what she’s saying and what she’s not saying, and all I have to say is YES YES YES.
-More brilliance from the Fat Nutritionist: a Storify of her tweets in the #notyourgoodfatty tag.
-Dr. Deah interviews burlesque performer Juicy D. Light, who is planning a fat flash mob that will take place in May.

Jobs and the Economy
Solidarity economics, a forgotten practice of the black radical tradition: an interview with Jessica Gordon Nembhard.
Swedish workers to test six-hour days.
Watch Elizabeth Warren go after Paul Ryan for blaming unemployment on the unemployed. Love her.
Here’s everything women could buy if they got paid the same as men.
Important study finds that giving money without conditions to the poor increases both employment and wages.
-Good news: NYC becomes the largest city in the US with mandatory paid sick leave.

Climate and Sustainability
Call climate change what it is: violence.
Can celebrities and prime-time TV make Americans care about climate change? I sure hope so, and I’m looking forward to watching  as much of Years of Living Dangerously as I can find online.
-These students inspire me: Why we’re sitting in at WashU (and we’re not leaving.)
-Kit writes about disappointments in the climate justice movement and ideas for improvement.
Climate change needs the politics of the impossible.
-This is depressing as hell: 10 places to visit before they’re gone: a bucket list for a warming world.
The emperor has no clothes. Now what?
-If you’re in New York, check out the Earth Day Convergence for People, Planet, and Peace Over Profit.

A great rant about sexist advertising:

Everything Else
-Roxane Gay’s Adventures with the UPS Man is hilarious, if a bit sad in light of light of what she reveals here. I can relate–when I worked in a mail room, we got daily deliveries from a UPS guy who was quite attractive (and also a really nice guy).
Carceral feminism will not end sexual violence.
-I love this quote from Melissa Harris-Perry about feminism as a lens rather then a set of beliefs. This is exactly how I see feminism, and why I consider Tutus and Tiny Hats a feminist blog even though I rarely write about traditional feminist issues.
-A fascinating exploration of race and photography: Teaching the camera to see my skin.
-Why am I not surprised to read yet another tale of sexism in the tech world?
A lack of support structures for single mothers creates impossible decisions.
-So much YES: It’s not about you, white liberals: why attacks on radical people of color are so misguided.
-Everything Ta-Nehisi Coates writes is brilliant; this piece about the conflation of black culture and the culture of poverty is a must-read.
More moms are staying home, but not necessarily because they want to.
What does it mean to win if we lose each other in the process? Thoughts on activism and being in three movements.
Not your tragic queer Muslim story.
The media should question whether viral cochlear implant videos reflect most people’s experiences.
-As someone who grew up just outside of Hartford, CT, I can attest that this essay about the city is sadly spot-on.
BDS’ Jewish roots: a lesson for Hillel.
-Captain Awkward’s advice is always great, and in this answer, I especially like how she talks about the dominant cultural narrative of self-improvement and how it turns our gaze inward, away from larger questions about our political and economic system.
Why it’s wrong to tell oppressed people to “be the bigger person” or “rise above” their oppressors.
Giant game of Tetris played on Philadelphia skyscraper = awesome.
Gymnast’s awesome hip-hop inspired floor routine scores a perfect 10.

This is incredibly ridiculous, but…I just love the combination of Frozen and goats.

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