Things that pissed me off today

Ok, just one thing–this piece from the Feminist Wire. To be honest, I only skimmed it, because it pissed me off too much to read closely.

Fat hatred from fellow feminists, people who are supposedly committed to justice, is so much worse than fat hatred from random people who can be written off as ignorant jerks.

It’s extreme bullshit to question the legitimacy of fat acceptance–with scare quotes, even.

It’s extreme bullshit to claim that fat people are the bullies, that body-policing douchenozzles like Maria Kang are the ones being oppressed.

It’s extreme bullshit to conflate fitness and health with thinness, to conflate speaking out against fat-hatred with jealousy and misogyny.

It’s such extreme, extreme bullshit that I have very little ability to craft an eloquent response. If any of you want to write one, I’d love to read it. I’m just angry.

And every time I read a fellow feminist being so painfully, aggressively, pathetically clueless about fat politics, it makes me more committed to exposing the lie of weight loss culture. More committed to celebrating fat bodies in the face of a society that considers us inherently unhealthy, unattractive, unworthy.

Fuck that shit.

That’s all I have to say.

8 thoughts on “Things that pissed me off today

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s total garbage, which is really disappointing from a feminist site. I’ve noticed a lot of bad writing on the Feminist Wire, which is why I never got into reading it regularly, but this is the first time I’ve also seen offensive content…ugh.

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  4. Being fat and actually aconewlkdging it, not treating it like a bad word, and not trying to hide it (or hide behind it) takes a lot of courage and work. But I am really thankful that you do it because I love the way you balance fat acceptance and all the other fantastic things I like in a blog. I like that you have found a realistic middle ground (reflective of life as a fat person, I’d think) where being fat is a part of your life, but it doesn’t have to consume every thing you do. You are able to provide a point of view that is important to diversifying the “blogosphere”, but being a fat blogger isn’t the only thing you have to offer- if that makes sense. Anyway, sorry if that was a pile of gibberish. What it boils down to is that I love your blog!Also, as someone who is plus-size, I really appreciate the posts about thrifting that you do because I also find myself frustrated in thrift stores and vintage shops. ❤

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