Sunday links, 4/6/14

brownstone house with purple and black doors and fancy scrollwork railings

I am endlessly fascinated by the details on the brownstones in Boston’s South End.

-The Curvy Couture Roadshow in Australia looks like it was so much fun! Natalie and Olivia posted runway pictures, Dani put up pictures of attendees’ outfits (how amazing is Hayley‘s purple outfit? And how chic is Ashley‘s all-pink ensemble?! And I’m not sure who the pink-haired lady is, but I love her hair!), and Natalie also has some fun random snaps from the event.
-A plus size shopping guide for Germany.
-I love these pictures of Iris Apfel, whom I aspire to look like when I grow up.
-eShakti has some gorgeous tutus. But they all have side zippers, ugh–why do side zippers even exist when elastic waistbands are both more comfortable and more accommodating of weight fluctuations?
SELF magazine’s tutu-shaming blunder has me wondering: will snarking on strangers ever become unacceptable in mainstream media?

Fat Acceptance
-The #notyourgoodfatty hashag = awesome.
-Lesley responds to the guy who wrote a faux-inspirational message about a fat person running.
When good teachers ask bad questions.
The HAES files: and yet it moves…
Think we’re doing enough about “obesity”?

Fat-pos spoken word = awesome.

Climate and Sustainability
-Wen Stephenson always has the best climate movement coverage; this piece he wrote about student climate activists here in Massachusetts is great (and continues to make me proud of my adopted home state).
Montana’s oil boom has made reservations more dangerous for women.
Rich countries: sure, climate change will screw poor countries, but what about us?
Is Canada tarring itself“Forget the idea of Canada as dull, responsible and environmentally minded: That is so 20th century. Now it’s a desperado, placing all its chips on a world-be-damned, climate-altering tar sands bet.”
The powerful Latino group Presente joins the fight against Keystone XL.
-Bethany meditates on stones from the sea: “By the healing, morphing forgiveness that is possible, is demonstrated, in these forces larger than ourselves, we may do better. By it’s immense beauty, we must.”
Mi’kmaq women shut down the Nova Scotia energy minister, demanding that treaties be upheld.
-XKCD takes on the need to keep fossil fuels in the ground.
-Awesome: the village at the center of the fracking fight in the UK goes all-out for solar.

Jobs and the Economy
The problem with counting bylines of women vs. men in media: that it only scratches the surface of the gendered power imbalances, and ignores the larger economic issues of pay gaps and unpaid internships. I’m sad, but not surprised, to hear that VIDA uses unpaid interns to create its annual graphs.
-A concise theory of what’s wrong with everything.
Restaurants to foodies: enough about the food. What about the people?
Have we forgotten the lessons of the Triangle Fire?
Americans aren’t jealous of the 1%–we’re angry.
Could this tax on Wall Street turn back America’s tide of inequality?

Fun Stuff
21 smells ’90s girls will never forget. Ohmygosh, the Lip Lix–I had so many of them. I found a berry-scented one in my closet years later, and the smell brought me right back to sixth grade.
We are all “Closing Time”: why Semisonic’s 1998 hit still resonates.
How to bake scientifically accurate cake planets.
-These photographs of sunsets reflected in broken mirrors are amazing.
Classic children’s books retold for adults.

I love the Dixie Chicks’ cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

Everything Else
-I love, love, love this essay about Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Is Willow a total failure of bi visibility – a character who could have been written as bisexual, but whose hetero past was simply ignored by the writers when they decided to ‘make’ her gay? Is her insistence on identifying as gay, not bi, a biphobic or bi-erasing gesture? Or is she actually something separate, something more progressive and interesting than bi erasure – a strong, dynamic character whose sexual orientation is genuinely fluid? ”
Why I’m masquerading as a white bearded hipster guy on Twitter (despite being a black woman).
-Monday was Trans Day of Visibility: here are 15 ways to let trans people know you see them and care.
Of condom charity and open houses: more ways to help Scarleteen make their important work sustainable.
You can’t bounce off the walls if there are no walls: outdoor schools make kids happier and smarter. I’m glad to see there’s one right here in the Boston area!
The ghetto is public policy.
In my family, the men who left were white.
To body mod away from brownness and back: learning to be brown and bearded in Brooklyn.
We need to face America’s dark history of sterilizing people behind bars.
-“not interested in politics that don’t incorporate love” YES.
Tobi Meyer-Hill: trans-positive porn trailblazer. (nsfw, obviously)
25 everyday examples of rape culture.
Photos of the day: a celebration of those who choose to exist outside the binary.
“I love being a mommy!” On Shanesha Taylor and black motherhood in the age of mass incarceration. Liss also writes about the criminalization of people who actually have no help, and Jupiter shares the story of a woman who lived through a situation similar to Taylor’s.
The pseudo-science of Alcoholics Anonymous: there’s a better way to treat addiction. The way AA blames addicts when the program doesn’t work for them reminds me of how weight-loss culture blames fat people when they fail to lose weight while dieting, rather than the diets themselves.
The missing women you don’t hear about: how the media fails indigenous communities.
-I love this quote about the myth that people can and should be independent.
The economic truth about the “model minority.”
Australia’s abuse of migrants.
Asking a simple question: why are so many migrants here in the first place?

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