OOTD: spring adventures in the city

I’m falling in love with Boston all over again. Mostly because it’s spring, and also partly because a temp job finally brought me back into the city (if only for two days) after I spent over half a year working in my own neighborhood. Boston, I’ve known you for more than ten years, but you’re still full of small, wonderful surprises.

Like this playground I found in the heart of the Back Bay:

climbing on a blue and yellow rope structure on a playground

climbing on a blue and yellow rope structure on a playground

climbing on a blue and yellow rope structure on a playground

I love giant rope-climb-y things, and I love the juxtaposition of professional clothes with inner-child fun. (The outfit is: dress from a clothing swap, I forget what brand, teggings from Re/Dress, blazer from Deb, pearl necklace from So Good, pearl studs from…Target? Claire’s?, bracelets from H&M and Deb, rings I’ve had since high school, and my Brooks sneakers. I wore my Naot Mary Janes with the outfit at work, but changed into sneakers as soon as I could–my new pair of MJs doesn’t fit like the old ones did, and they pinch my toes.)

This rope swing was the most relaxing thing ever:

swinging in a blue rope swing

I could have swung in it all day.

swinging in a blue rope swing

This thing was kind of weird–the metal bars move while you’re walking on them.

climbing on a metal and rope playground structure

I couldn’t figure out quite what to do with this thing. I think kids are supposed to sit in it while other kids spin them around?

metal, rope, and rubber playground structure

blue and yellow rope structure for climbing on playground

After a too-short jaunt around the playground, Steve and I had dinner at a nearby cafe. They had a French toast special, and since they were out of fresh fruit, they offered to put apple butter on it instead. It was delicious. New favorite food.

french toast with apple butter and powdered sugar

I loved that their bathrooms are not only unisex, but have pictures of people made out of Boston:

unisex bathroom sign with male, female, and wheelchair-using figures cut out of boston street maps

Another highlight of the evening: meeting two sweet dogs tied up outside a store in the South End!

husky with blue eyes and white dog with black spots

I fell in love with the husky, who was incredibly soft and fluffy and had the most beautiful blue eyes. The picture doesn’t do them justice. She and I bonded immediately, and she rolled over for belly rubs! I think dogs can tell from just looking at me that I’m a belly-rub-giver. 🙂

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