A realization

dark storm clouds looming over path in the arboretum

Sometimes I think, my generation is fucked.

And then I realize, in ten or twenty years, we’re going to be even more fucked: when many of us are raising children and caring for aging parents at the same time. So much shit is going to hit so many fans–and that’s not even counting the havoc climate change will be wreaking on the world. Or the civilizational collapse that’s hanging over our heads.

Sometimes it’s really, really hard to feel hopeful about the future–my own or the world’s.

The only thing that helps is enjoying the present moment: laughing with my friends, singing along to every song in Frozen, celebrating Pi Day with an apartment full of friends and pie, feeling my feet firmly rooted into the ground in warrior pose, petting my various furry neighbors, getting completely absorbed in a book, wearing pretty twirly dresses, taking in the silence that blankets the world when it snows.

Right now, that has to be enough.

3 thoughts on “A realization

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  2. Here from Feministe. Yep, welcome to my life. Mom and Dad both have cancer, I still have kids at home. Sandwich generation is not a fun time of life. One day at a time. There’s a love scene to write, a laugh to share, or a hug to have.

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