Sunday links, 3/16/14

pie crust nutella and peanut butter hamantaschen

One of my friends made delicious hamantaschen with pie crust instead of cookie dough for my Pi Day party on Friday!

How to overhaul your look in 4 easy steps.
-A bunch of Fatshionista members talk about their experiences with Gwynnie Bee, the plus size clothing rental company (which I will be reviewing soon, I promise! I did a monthlong trial back in November and haven’t gotten around to writing about it yet…)
-I love everything about this colorful goth bridal shoot. Dark tulle gown and dark makeup + vintage-y pastel flowers = YES.
-Olivia and her friends look adorable in the new Cut for Evans collection.
-Cat reflects on Fatshion February.
-Total fashion inspiration: every single outfit in this post of pictures from a makeup expo.
Tokyo’s street fashion is ridiculous and amazing.

Fat Acceptance
-“Tall people are afflicted with tallness in exactly the same way fat people are afflicted with fatness.”
-Ragen answers a few common questions about HAES.
-Liss writes about two studies about anti-fat bias that don’t think they’re about anti-fat bias.
Someone stole a picture of Rachele in a bikini to sell a diet program.

Climate and Sustainability
-Everything Rebecca Solnit writes is brilliant, and this piece is no exception. If you read one thing this week, make it this: By the way, your home is on fire: the climate of change and the dangers of stasis.
100% renewable energy is feasible and affordable, according to Stanford proposal.
-A really cool new idea for renewable energy: catching waves with a seafloor carpet.
Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes before they reach land.
Strawberry trees offer free solar charging for gadgets.
Fertilizing crops with pee sounds gross, but also really useful.

Jobs and the Economy
The service economy trap: inside Brooklyn’s barista class. This is a long read, but well worth it–it’s fascinating, funny, and  insightful.
-Why “leaning in” is such bullshit: female professor loses job offer when she tries to negotiate. David Perry analyzes the dynamics at play in this incident, particularly the way that colleges use the concept of “fit” is to conceal class, race, and gender bias.
-Robert Reich points out that if we took away the multibillion-dollar subsidies given to banks, and instead gave them to minimum-wage workers, it would double their pay.
This is what a job in the US’s new manufacturing industry looks like.
US lags behind world in temp worker protections.
Why Americans should take August off. This is what I keep saying!
Two adjuncts discuss their career realities.

At the Pi Day party, there was much singing, and a few of my friends introduced me to my new favorite song ever:

Everything Else
Where would music be without Tori Amos?
-Felicia Day writes about why people of color playing white characters isn’t the same as white people playing characters of color, and why we need more stories about people who are not white men.
-Kat writes about why she, as a trans lesbian, will no longer date self-identified straight women.
Muslimah Media Watch roundtable: responding to Randa Jarrar’s “Why I Can’t Stand White Bellydancers.”  I also like the response they link to by G. Willow Wilson. Personally, I’m not going to stop bellydancing–it’s a form of joyous movement that just feels right to me–like it’s what my body was made to do–and I believe in the power of dance to cross cultural and ethnic divides. But I think it’s important for white (and other non-Arab) bellydancers to be both respectful of the dance form’s origins and thoughtful about the cultural dynamics at play.
Letting go of the lesbian smile upon transitioning to a male identity.
Trying to “rescue” sex workers by arresting them is a bad idea.
-Issa writes about being bipolar.
Israeli women who have stood up to the occupation for 26 years.
-Suey points out the ableism and ageism of those who criticize online activism, and some of its biggest accomplishments.
-“Being a white male (who also happens to be teaching at a more prestigious institution) has EVERYTHING to do with it. He gets support and respect. We get … trolls.”
-This Firefly-themed birthday party is amazing.
Feministing chat: ban bossy?
27 powerful portraits challenging the definition of what it means to be LGBT.
Daycare is not a bad word.

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