Sunday links, 3/2/14

The display outside of a vintage/refurbished furniture store

-Shannon gives advice to a fat wheelchair user who wants to explore feminine, goth looks.
Amber Riley’s top 9 costumes from Dancing With the Stars are all amazing.
Ann-Sophie Cochevelou’s clothes made out of toys are incredible–and in some cases, literally amazeballs.
-A really cool idea for sustainable footwear: shoe bases with interchangeable ribbons.
-Margaret describes why she writes about sustainable fashion.
-Arabelle writes about how capitalism affects fashion blogging culture.
Proof that Lupita Nyong’o has worn every color of the rainbow. Amazing!
-Gisela Ramirez is selling a bunch of her older items on eBay before she brings out her new collection. The shipping is exorbitant, but if you love them and can afford it, snag some before they’re gone!
-Offbeat Home interviews Rebekka of Bloomers and Frocks, an Etsy shop that sells both plus and straight size vintage.
-Japanese plus size model Naomi Watanabe will be designing her own plus size line. Let’s hope it ships to the US!
-Katie is looking for fatshion bloggers to interview for her dissertation.
PeersSwap members hold 70+ clothing swaps around the world during Fashion Week.
Street Store: the open source pop-up clothing swap for the homeless.

Fat Acceptance
-s.e. writes about how HAES, while useful to many people, doesn’t work for ou.
-Kath answers the “What being a fat woman is really like” questions.
There is no childhood obesity epidemic, so stop applauding Michelle Obama for reducing it.
-Amy writes about her experience having an eating disorder while fat. Unfortunately, she makes the assumption that most fat people have disordered eating of some sort, but otherwise this is a great piece.
Lesley, Ragen, and Hallelujah_Hippo all have powerful responses to a recent piece in which a doctor fat-shamed and dehumanized his 600-lb patient.
-Lindy writes about how medical fat-phobia can also come in more subtle forms that wear people down over time.
-Melissa opens up a thread for people to recommend fat-friendly healthcare providers.
-“Before” and “after” weight-loss pictures are false advertising.
-Kitty writes about enjoying exercise in spite of obstacles; on a similar note, Leah (who I knew in college!) writes about her breakup with exercise.
-Whitney’s search for the perfect fatkini unearthed a yearning to be the “right” kind of fat.
-Vancouver-ites, check out the Fat Matters event series!

Feminist cabaret = awesome.

Climate and Sustainbility
-The Climate Justice Teach-In: Race, Class, and the Anti-Ecological Logic of Capitalism, taking place here in Boston in April, looks amazing.
XL Dissent: “We are building a culture of resistance.”
-There’s no shortage of depressing climate change news, so it’s always good to see something positive, like this report about international progress on climate change laws.
-Also promising: pine forest vapors form small aerosol particles that may significantly cool the climate. Some of my favorite places in the world are pine forests, so I’d love to see people plant more of them.

Jobs and the Economy
-This is a fascinating look at what’s been happening in the global economy: America didn’t decline. It went global.
What if we all leaned out instead of leaning instarting with men?
I didn’t want to lean out: why I left, how I left, and what it would have taken to keep me in STEM.
-Sad irony: Queers for Economic Justice closes its doors thanks to lack of economic justice.
FAQ: How are you on the internet if you’re so poor?
-I like the idea of radical unjobbing.
Poverty in the Ivory Tower.
Bitcoin: by the privileged, for the privileged.
-Robert Reich proposes that any “non-profit” that pays its top executives more than 10 times the median American wage should lose its tax-exempt status.
A call to develop a worker cooperative sector in NYC: how the city can create jobs and address inequality at its roots.

I love this video about trust, featuring some amazingly talented acrobats.

Everything Else
-Mary Lambert’s tips for staying positive, even on really bad days, are wonderful. ❤
Want to predict the future of surveillance? Ask poor communities.
How US policy contributes to gendered violence in Mexico.
On beating shame as a single mother.
-Harsha Walia talks about indigenous solidarity, feminism, and the role of reflection in movements.
-Kit writes about activism as a form of therapy.
Punishing survivors won’t stop sexual violence. It’s just a really bad idea, and makes it easier rather than harder for perpetrators to get away with their actions.
-Sometimes The Onion is too true to be funny: Disturbing fast food truth not exactly a game-changer for impoverished single mom of three.
-Stassa examines what’s wrong with the new Lean In stock photos.
-Youngist talks with Mimi Thi Nguyen about activism, academia, and punk rock.
The Food Recovery Network redistributes extra campus food to feed the hungry.

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