#FatshionFebruary, day 27 and 28: the very comfortable t-shirt edition

Thanks to the return of the polar vortex (booooo), I’ve barely left the house the last two days except for a few well-bundled errands. So I haven’t bothered to get dressed up. But because this is Fatshion February–and because I want to show that even the most glamourpants fatshion bloggers sometimes sit around in sweatpants and t-shirts–I’m posting my outfits anyway.

Shirt: TeeTurtle (my #1 source for cute/geeky shirts, highly recommended), sweater: from a mini-clothing-swap with a friend

Shirt: Seibei (also available at Re/Dress), pants: CVS, headband: ?? maybe Target

I don’t like how this shirt looks on me, but I love the message, obviously. I may need to have one of my sewing-inclined friends turn it into a t-shirt dress or something.

And thus ends Fatshion February! Whew! I had fun–and I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s outfits on their blogs and Tumblr–but I’m also relieved that it’s over.


3 thoughts on “#FatshionFebruary, day 27 and 28: the very comfortable t-shirt edition

  1. Love the attitude in the second pic, goes so well with the shirt! I appreciate lounging-around-the-house pics. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately because winter and because depression, then I’ll spend the whole day online including seeing all these fat-pos OOTDs with pretty dresses and hip colorful skinny pants etc even in cold climates, and I’ll be like “well now I must be a lazy slob, bad fatty!” (Not that I mind fun OOTDs, for the record…it’s just the depression brainweasels talking). But it’s also good to sometimes have concrete reminders that I’m not the *only* one lounging in PJ bottoms and a T shirt on a random weekday. (Though sorry that unemployment sucks.) 😦 I still do try to look like “me” even on days like that…right now I’m wearing peace frog pj bottoms (or sweatpants really, as I use them) and a T-shirt from one of my fav drop-in open art studios in Boston. Love supporting awesome small ethical businesses while also reminding myself of who I am and what I like every time I look in the mirror. 🙂

    • Also regarding T-editing: I can’t sew for crap, but a whole lot can be done with baggy tees just with some strategic cutting and perhaps knot-tying and/or embellishments, like pins or iron-ons or (duh) bows. Google Image is your friend! (Seriously I learned to “make” awesome DIY tees just by looking at Google images and randomly going to town on cute, but not-especially-well-fitting T-shirts…though you might want to start experimenting on one you don’t mind accidentally destroying and having to turn into a purse or pillow instead).

      • Oh, forgot to mention safety pins prevent fraying if you don’t know how to properly hem and have the bonus of making anything a bit punk. That is an important detail! You don’t want your shirts unraveling. 😦

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