Sunday links, 2/23/14

One of my malamute friends chilling on a rapidly-melting pile of snow

-Check out this master list of plus size stores that I contributed to!
-Melbourne fatshionistas, check out this plus market.
-Eloquii is back! They’re still expensive, but they have some really cute stuff, like this sequin skirt.
Leah writes about three blogs she recommends (including mine, yay!).

Fat Acceptance
-A new study suggests that loneliness is worse for our health than “obesity,” and Lindy West’s analysis is BRILLIANT. Seriously, read it and spread it as widely as you can. It’s the kind of piece that could make a lot of people have an “a-ha!” moment about fatness.
Being fat vs. having fat.
-If you are in Liverpool, UK, check out this fat-positive picnic–it looks so fun.
-Marilyn Wann makes some very good points about fatness, health, and bullying.
-Ragen Chastain interviews Virgie Tovar, Hanne Blank, and Rebecca Weinstein about fat sex. It’s a great conversation, except for this quote from Weinstein: “No one I talked to who liked themselves the way they are had any trouble finding partners, or love, or whatever it was they were looking for.” UGH. Sometimes it’s hard to find partners/relationships/etc just because it’s hard–because finding the right person is sheer dumb luck, no matter how comfortable you feel in your body. Having good self-esteem and body-image doesn’t magically make the right partner for you appear, even if it does make the process of looking less stressful.
-Love Thy Fatness writes about how her cat became stressed out when his food was restricted, and how it caused an epiphany about her own struggles with disordered eating and restriction.

Ragen’s fat cabaret group is amazing:

Climate and Sustainability
-Tim DeChristopher is my hero. Always. Everything he says is brilliant and important, and his latest interview is no exception.
Humanity’s crisis is systemic and overwhelming: and the only way out is to create bold new systems.
-Like Robert Reich, I have mixed feelings about billionaire Tom Steyer’s attempts to buy elections for candidates who will fight climate change.
-“I am not ready to sentence all that I love to fire or ice or flood. That knowledge is my own most treasured tool in building this better world.
Indian Peoples Action vs. the Montana tar sands.
“Citizens won today:” judge strikes down Nebraska’s Keystone XL OK.
-Emma writes about living in the area affected by the West Virigina chemical spill.
A young woman, lured to North Dakota for a truck-driving job in the oil industry, shares her agonizing existence in an isolated boomtown.
Exploring climate change through art: giant pastel oceanscapes and icebergs drawn by Zaria Forman.
-This summer, there will be a march for climate action from LA to DC.

Jobs and the Economy
-I’m so excited that there’s going to be a National Gathering for a New Economy right here in Boston!
Who is Obama’s “middle class college student”?
-“Living in poverty is like being punched in the face over and over again on a daily basis.”
-I’ve been meaning to write something like this, but D. JoAnne beat me to it: On “financial independence”: a rant.

Everything Else
Making invisible disability visible: yes, I really am disabled!
-This is so important: Stop pitting disabled people and caregivers against each other.
Toward a nuanced, feminist discussion on Venezuela.
It’s time to end the long history of feminism failing transgender women.
Gender and the in between: a genderqueer’s journey.
-So much yes: Sex is not an “economy” and you are not merchandise.
An amazing village designed just for people with dementia.
-Melanie Klein on yoga and feminism: “Ultimately, for me, they’re both equally about raising consciousness, wiping the fog from the mirror, seeing the world (including ourselves) through fresh eyes, thereby moving in the world from an authentic and grounded place.”
We have known black boys (but none have been bullet-proof).
#DangerousBlackKids: a love letter from hood feminists to our children.

An important video about who’s really dependent on “welfare”:

Why I stopped being a voluntourist.
To be queer, black, and “sick.”
-“We cannot live without our lives”: musings on Marissa, Audre, and protest.
Ten bisexuality myths that need to die.
25 beautiful pictures of queer black women that’ll make you believe in love again.
Human Rights Campaign: largest LGBT donors are drone manufacturers.
Inside Amtrak’s (absolutely awesome) plan to give free rides to writers.
The Duke University freshman porn star tells her story in her own words.

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned cello duel.

I want to read all of these books now:

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