#FatshionFebruary, day 19: Lagenlook in pink and coral

The inspiration for this look was the spring collection of Gudrun Sjoden, a Swedish brand that I found through Already Pretty and am quickly developing a style-crush on.

Pink and orange dress: Marimekko (!) via thrift store, coral dress: SWAK via clothing swap, cardigan: Old Navy via the Big Thrifty, gauchos: eBay, socks: Sock Dreams, sneakers: Simply Be, necklace: present from a relative, earrings: from a gift shop in Israel

Inspiration (source).

Gudrun Sjoden’s clothing goes up to size XL in some styles, and XXL in some others, but from what I’ve read, their sizing runs large. According to the size chart, I could probably wear an XXL–and since so many of their items look like they’re meant to be worn loosely, it’s possible that even some XLs would fit me.

So if you’re on the small or medium end of plus sizes and are interested in trying their clothing (and can afford it), don’t let the lack of explicit plus sizes stop you. 

More inspiration (source).

Can you believe I found a Marimekko dress at a thrift store, and that it fits me? Yeah, neither can I. It even has pockets!

Wouldn’t this outfit look great with the Nappa leather walking shoe in Heather? I don’t know if they’d fit me, but they look so cute and comfortable. Someday I aspire to have shoes in all different colors to match my outfits, but it’s so so so hard finding shoes that fit at all. *sigh*

2 thoughts on “#FatshionFebruary, day 19: Lagenlook in pink and coral

  1. I think you did a fantastic job of Gudrunning yourself! The Marimekko print with the cardi is genius. And kudos for finding a Marimekko anything to fit you. I never have and I adore their prints. Some of the XXLs would definitely fit you. Their shoes are pretty wide if that’s a factor. My feet are really narrow so I can’t wear their shoes, which makes me very sad because they come in such yummy colours.

    • Thanks! I was so surprised to find this dress–I had never seen any Marimekko clothing in person before, and I didn’t expect an XL to fit me, but it turned out to be super-stretchy.

      That’s good to know about the shoes! I do have wide feet, so they might fit me after all. That’s too bad that you can’t wear them. I wish all stores made their shoes in a diversity of widths.

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