#FatshionFebruary, day 12: dark floral and leather

Ok, I’m finally starting to catch up on my outfit posts from the past week. (I still have a bunch of outfits from before February, too…I’ll get to those eventually.) This is what I wore for an early Valentine’s Day dinner with Steve. We had originally planned to go out on the 13th to beat the V-Day crowds, but due to a snowstorm, we pushed it a day earlier. This ended up working really well, since I got to enjoy our dinner without the knowledge of my job’s impending end hanging over me.

Dress: H&M (straight size L), teggings: Re/Dress, boots: Target, jacket: Torrid via clothing swap, earrings: Claire’s?, flower crown: Crown & Glory, necklace: my V-day present from Steve last year, from Karen Kavett for DFTBA Records, bracelets: Deb Shops, Torrid, and Macy’s

This dress is one of the very, very few straight size items I own. It’s an L from H&M, and it’s quite tight–but the moment I saw it in the store, I was determined to make it fit. Luckily, it’s very stretchy (unlike most of the pretty straight-sized things in H&M, sigh…it was so depressing to see how varied and colorful the straight size options were compared to the plus size ones. So depressing that I’ve pretty much vowed never to set foot in that store again).

Wearing this dress definitely pushed me out of my sartorial comfort zone, since it’s both short and gives me a VBO (visible belly outline).  Even after seeing so many fabulous women rocking VBOs on the internet, it’s still hard for me to feel comfortable with my stomach’s shape showing–but it’s something I want to work on. And what better way to work on it than with dark florals? I’m so glad they’re a trend right now, because I’ve always loved them.

Here’s a closeup of the gorgeous print:

And here’s what I had for dinner! The lighting in the restaurant was dark, so I had to use my flash. But I think this picture still conveys the deliciousness of the stuffed French toast with ricotta, strawberries, and bananas. Breakfast food is the best food. 🙂

17 thoughts on “#FatshionFebruary, day 12: dark floral and leather

  1. Wow, I clicked across from Patty’s as you really caught my eye! That is a gorgeous dress andthe flower crown is amazing!!! I only discovered Crown and Glory yesterday and I can’t wait for an occasion to buy something!!! The & necklace is super too! I find H&M’s sizing really weird and inconsistent, so it’s not often I buy something from there but your dress is wonderful!x

  2. Stopped by from Visible Monday. Such a beautiful dress! Dark florals are so gorgeous. I used to have a dress with a very similar print, and I wish I still had it. I love your matching hairband, too, and the mix of the streetwise jacket and boots with those dreamy florals.

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