Sunday links, 2/2/14

A wall decoration at Cakeology

Amber Riley launches plus size online boutique, and it sells out within minutes.
-Shawna rounds up activewear for sizes 24+.
-Fat Fancy, Portland’s radical fat fashion boutique, now has an Etsy shop!
TETRIS DRESS. That is all.
-Londonites, check out this fat-positive clothes swap.
When fat girls wear exercise clothes.

Fat Acceptance
-I love ASDAH’s updated Health At Every Size Principles, which include the importance of an intersectional approach.
-The Abundant Bodies track at the Allied Media Conference sounds amazing.
Fat girls and rape culture.
-Lonie points out that most “successful” dieters are not lifelong fat people who became thin, but thin people who temporarily gained weight and then lost it.
-Marianne writes about why she gave up on losing weight: “I finally stopped dieting for good and realized killing myself with self-hatred wasn’t getting me anywhere. In finding fat acceptance, I saved myself.”
I see fat people, they are everywhere.
Don’t you really want to be thinner?
-If you’re a fat person of color on Tumblr, check out the reblogs on this post, which aims to find people who are “fat, brown, and down.”
-Lindy West’s complete guide to never ever ever getting fat is brilliant.
How the fuck-off fairy helped me fight fat-shaming.

Climate and Sustainability
-Huzzah! Foundations band together to get rid of fossil fuel investments.
What if?
Beyond West Virginia’s massive chemical spill, a history of poverty and pollution.

Rest in power, Pete Seeger.

Jobs and the Economy
To truly address inequality, let’s build a people-centered economy.
-I wish all politicians were like this: Seattle’s socialist councilwoman to accept less than half of $117K salary.
Investing in arts and creative people to boost the economy.

Everything Else
How to be an ally to sex workers.
-If you’re in Toronto and looking for a wedding/event photographer, please consider Sophia Banks, whose business has been under attack by transphobic feminists. If you’re not in Toronto, please signal-boost!
-Janet Mock writes about her experiences as a young trans woman engaged in survival sex work.
Your favorite interracial family is back with a new Cheerios ad. I love that little girl.
When an “upgrade” breaks accessibility.
The politics of respectability is not revolutionary.

This time-lapse video of New Zealand wilderness is stunning:

The Waters of Greenstone from Nathan Kaso on Vimeo.

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