Sunday links 1/12/2014

Steve on the beach during our Christmas travels

-So exciting: Linda Dianne is making a short film about fatshion, focusing on the Fatshionista LJ community in its heyday, as her Master’s thesis.
La Farfa: body diversity in a Japanese fashion magazine.
-The Trans Clothes Swap offers a way for trans people to access the clothes that fit their gender. Cisgender people can donate as well.
-Tracy of Chubble Bubble (aka woman behind Domino Dollhouse) is pregnant! She lists her favorite plus size maternity clothes.
18 body positive style bloggers you should be following.
-I love this redesigned wedding dress covered in skulls, and this actual wedding dress made of hand-dyed silk in purple-blue-green ombre.
Sonsi final sale includes sizes 4x and 30/32.
-Autostraddle interviews the always-fatshionable Lydia of Style is Style.
6 body-positive, affordable style resolutions for 2014.
-Georgina of Cupcake’s Clothes is selling a bunch of cute stuff in sizes UK 24 – 32 (US 22 – 30).

Fat Acceptance
-I so wish I could be in London for the Fat Babe Meetup!
-Melissa takes on the myth that all fat people are lazy or weak.
-Marilyn Wann recaps her 2013 in fat activism.
-The author of this piece sounds so awesome: I’m fat, forty, and single, and I have no problem getting laid all the time.
Food sins: a primer for the confused. I plead guilty to worshipping cheeses…
The FTC busts diet companies for fraud.
Traffic light labels on food would be a green light for fat-shaming. UGH.
Why does every bit of science reporting about fat cells have to turn into a conversation about “curing” obesity?
No more media stitch-ups! Developing media literacy through fat activist community research.
-The problem with “then you lose weight.”

I love this cover of Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm.” (Also, I love Mary Lambert! I keep meaning to write a post about her awesomeness as a proud fat, queer femme…)

Climate and Sustainability
From Amiri to Zora: what these mountain-moving black writers can teach us about climate justice. (Note: I don’t condone Amiri Baraka’s history of anti-Semitic remarks, but I can understand why he was an important and inspiring writer for many people.)
-This innovative revolving fund for solar energy sounds like an awesome idea.
California added more rooftop solar capacity in 2013 than in the past 30 years combined!
-Have I mentioned that I love Somerville? I became an even prouder resident when our mayor announced his support for fossil fuel divestment, along with other environmental and economic priorities.
New York City is using its food waste to create heat.
New Year’s resolutions for the divestment movement.

Jobs and the Economy
Five economic reforms millennials should be fighting for.
How a Chicago mom liberated a foreclosure and got a home for her four kids.
-If you doubt that the tides of social and economic justice are turning throughout the US, take a look at this inauguration speech from Seattle’s new city council member, who is the first socialist to hold that position in almost a century.
Vienna offers affordable and luxurious housing.
10 clever ideas from around the world to root out inequality.
Can we create an “economy for the common good”?

Everything Else
-This is such an important discussion: Words, words, words: on toxicity and abuse in online activism and a follow-up, Beyond niceness: further thoughts on rage.
Talking to kids about mental illness.
Why I will not be rising with One Billion Rising this year, or any year.
Shining a light on #EconomicViolence. Andrea Smith had some especially important, in-depth things to say in the hashtag. I haven’t had time to Storify her tweets, but you can see many of them on my timeline.
Some bullied teens are seeking plastic surgery to “fix” their appearance, and there’s just so many things wrong with this.
-Janet Mock breaks down what’s wrong with Katie Couric asking Laverne Cox and Carmen Carerra about their genitals.
Bilbo Baggins is a girl: until children’s books catch up to our daughters, rewrite them.
Kids won’t listen: why I’m sick of articles about teenage girls written by grown-up men.
Body as a second language: navigating queer girl culture on the autism spectrum.
What does colonization “look” like?
-A really interesting conversation over at Captain Awkward’s blog about Ask culture vs. Guess culture. (Unlike many parts of the internet, at CA’s, you should always read the comments!)


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