OOTD: Holiday stars and sparkles

One of the benefits of having a non-Jewish partner is that I get to celebrate twice as many holidays. 🙂

This is the outfit I wore to spend Christmas with Steve’s family in Brooklyn:

Dress: Domino Dollhouse via Facebook resale community FatToo, teggings: Re/Dress, shoes: Naot, cardigan: Kohl’s, headband: Target, bangles: Torrid and Deb, earrings, necklace, and wristband: So Good

I was so happy when I found this dress on FatToo. I had originally admired it, but was waiting to buy it–and then it went out of stock after the initial run, due to a problem with one of DD’s suppliers. Finding it on a resale community was such a stroke of luck, and it fits perfectly–it’s so comfortable and I love how it looks on me.

The teggings are also really comfortable. They’re really stretchy and soft–the only thing I dislike is that the waistband rolls down more often than the waistbands of regular leggings.

Bagels! (I did buy some bagels while walking around Steve’s aunt’s neighborhood before dinner, but it wasn’t at this place–I just liked the giant picture, since it sums up one of my favorite things about the city. I also found a bakery that was open, and got a delicious black-and-white cookie.)

Underneath his plaid button-down, Steve is wearing a Captain Hammer shirt. 😀

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