Sunday links, 1/5/13: the fluffy pups edition

My malamute neighbors enjoying the snow

Let’s queer the NYT “debate” about women and makeup.
-So much yes to this: Feminism, fashion, and the politics of adornment.
-Ashley Nell Tipton has a new super-adorable line of dresses and skirts–and they come in sizes up to 6x!
What 1939 thought fashion in 2000 would look like.
-Advanced Style rounds up the best outfits of 2013.
-Leah profiles the brand Taking Shape, which has gorgeous and unusual clothes. I love their colors and cuts, and I hope they come to the US soon (currently, they’re only available in Australia and the UK).

Fat Acceptance
Sorry all you well-meaning medical professionals, but wearing a fat suit is not the same thing as actually being fat.
-Ragen poking fun at diet tips is pretty awesome.
-Golda Poretsky makes the case that the child “obesity” crisis is a red herring, obscuring the much scarier issue of child poverty.
-This body-positive yoga retreat in Hawaii sounds amazing.
-USA Today profiles badass fat activist Amanda Levitt.
-Jes is starting a Smash the Scale revolution for 2014!
Why “don’t talk shit about people’s bodies (including your own) is a better resolution than “fight fat talk.”
Let’s normalize bodies of all sizes.
-The Fit Fatties Forum is launching an online movement challenge, the Fit Fatties Virtual Events.

I always love seeing fat dancers.

Climate and Sustainability
-“What no one is saying is: ‘In case of fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, civil war, famine, plague, blizzard, locusts, all engulfing economic disparity, corporate ownership of government, mass and minor extinctions, and/or any of the unspecified multitudes of scourges upon the world you so love, PLEASE FREAK OUT! And then, when you’re done, pull yourself together and let’s help each other through this thing.'”
A climate truth-tellers honor roll of 2013.
Peru’s poorest residents to receive free solar power.
The times are urgent: let’s slow down.

Jobs and the Economy
Technology didn’t kill middle-class jobs, public policy did.
-This artwork protesting the devaluation of feminized jobs is everything.
-So, so much truth: Capitalism, ecology, and the official invisibility of women. (Note: women are not actually responsible for 100% of the world’s children as the article claims, because trans men and female-assigned-at-birth non-binary people also give birth.)

Everything Else
9 incredibly important things that happened in 2013 that most people aren’t talking about.
Zoo is not a dirty word.
-I really like this Modern Love column about the hard-won lessons of the solitary years.
The bowl, the ram, and the folded map: navigating the complicated world.
35 trans women I had hero-crushes on in 2013.
14 Jewish women to watch in 2014.
-Trudy rounds up the top 20 people to follow on Twitter and top 25 Tumblr blogs in 2013. Her suggestions are great, and I would add to the Twitter list: @DrJaneChi, @SarahKendzior, @kingdomofwench, @flaviadzodan, @prisonculture, @LFB27, and @studentactivism.
-Artist Ramiro Gomez makes visible the domestic workers who make luxurious environments possible.
-In These Times interviews Mikki Kendall about race and online feminism. A highlight: “Everyone wants to be an ‘expert.’ And it’s much easier to get paid for being an ‘expert’ on people who can’t speak for themselves. But Twitter makes it impossible to ignore the voices of the people you’re talking about. You can’t be an expert on those people when those people are at the table with you.”

More cuteness: Nachos, a cocker spaniel puppy I met while warming up after cross-country skiing.

10-year old girl petitions for American Girl doll with a wheelchair.
-Three interesting posts about how constructions of race are different outside of the US, focusing on Australia, Brazil, and Europe.
Dear NYT editors: if Snowden is a whistleblower, then what is Chelsea Manning?
The most anticipated films made by or starring women in 2014. I’m especially looking forward to Mockingjay Part 1 and Wild.
Service, rights, justice: envisioning “justice” approach to empowering sex workers.
-Love love love: man recreates famous movie scenes with his dog.
-Chanel Dubofsky interviews childfree men and finds plenty of double standards in how society treats them vs. childfree women.
5 perspectives on Ani DiFranco’s planned retreat at a former plantation (Ani did finally issue a second, real apology, but it was too little, too late.)
President Obama just nominated the first Native American woman for federal judge.
-Missive: a transfeminist journal has put out a call for submissions.
How a developer learned not to be racist and sexist.

This is so necessary:


One thought on “Sunday links, 1/5/13: the fluffy pups edition

  1. Thanks so much for linking to me. I LOVE the dancer. He’s adorable and so talented. The other video has rammed home how much pressure we put on boys from a young age. It’s certainly made me think twice.

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