Sunday links, 12/29/13

A purple doorknob in Brooklyn, where I spent Christmas with Steve and his family

-In tutu news, Kiyonna has a tulle skirt that comes in black and dark red, and Tanesha of Girl With Curves is selling black and cream tutus (although sadly they’re both sold out at the moment).
-Philly fatshionistas, check out this clothing swap!
-Marianne reviews the plus size clothing rental company Gwynnie Bee, which I’ll also be reviewing soon, as I recently did a free monthlong trial.
Floral blazers for men = hell yes.
-Two interesting posts on the politics of looking “sloppy.”
Color of the year 2014: radiant orchid.
Fashioning fashion: the pink top.

Fat Acceptance
French women and thinness: “If you are fat, you won’t get that job.”
-Ragen writes about crap she’s sick of hearing. I especially like this point from the comments: “People who whip out the old ‘tax dollars unfairness!’ saw never care that fat people’s tax dollars go to pay for public goods and services they then have no access to because they were only made to accomodate [sic] thin people, or how unfair THAT is.”
The violent side of fat shaming and denying body acceptance.

Climate and Sustainability
-Scary shit: Are we falling off the climate precipice? Scientists consider extinction.
All I want for Christmas is for the youth climate justice movement to seize its full potential.
The fossil fuel divestment movement can succeed where politics failed. This piece also makes the important point that we need to avoid demonizing the working-class people who dig up fossil fuels.
How to build a permaculture suburb. This might not work quite as well in a colder climate, but it’s inspiring nonetheless.

Enjoy some science for the holidays!

Jobs and the Economy
The war on women: the newly invisible and undeserving poor in America.
On the crappy academic job market and how it wastes an incredible amount of talent.
-You know what makes me really angry? The expiring of extended unemployment benefits yesterday.
The “sharing economy” undermines workers’ rights. (It’s important to distinguish the corporate “sharing economy” that this post talks about from the actual, grassroots, community-based one–see here for a good analysis.)
Where no Google buses go.
The second-class citizens of the Google cafeteria.
A review of the book The Mind At Work: Valuing the Intelligence of the American Worker, which looks great.
The year we broke everything.

Everything Else
The best feminist music videos of 2013. Warning: make sure you have tissues before watching the J. Cole one.
-You can donate a copy of Janet Mock’s new book, Redefining Realness, to a low-income trans person–or request one if you are trans, live in the US, and can’t afford to buy a copy.
This is what disability binarism looks like.
-Ngọc Loan Trần writes about how their mom’s resistance and survival informs their commitment to intergenerational organizing.
-“#BlackPowerYellowPeril solidarity is about finding ways in which we don’t step on one another to get ahead, but find common goals.” -@suey_park
s.e. smith introduces Disability Intersections, a magazine focusing on discussions about disability viewed through an intersectional lens.
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, a transgender resource guide, will be available in June.
Justine Sacco’s aftermath: the cost of Twitter outrage.
Some thoughts on Meghan Murphy, internet ethics, and the morality of quoting.
-If you can, contribute to the legal defense fund for Marisa Alexander.
Who we talk about when we talk about Washington: the often-ignored history of radicals, queer people, and people of color in the city.
When “life hacking” is really white privilege.

Food, Fluff, and Pretty Things
Cooking in a Latin-Jewish melting pot.
-The Amazon reviews for the book How to Avoid Huge Ships are hilarious.
-For the awesome dessert files: these ridiculously adorable penguin macarons, and these gorgeous and unusual éclairs.
-I haven’t played Settlers of Catan yet, but many of my friends love it–and this Settlers-themed cookbook looks awesome. The author’s Doctor Who cookbook and book of steampunk cocktails also look really cool.
Artist stitches hundreds of nature photos to create lush, fantastic worlds.
-D’awww: Dominic the pit bull puppy cuddles and comforts animal patients at Colorado veterinary clinic.
A Paris Metro car, gift-wrapped for the holidays.


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