Monday links, 12/9/13

Sorry for the lateness–it was a busy and fun weekend! I hope you all had a fun weekend as well. 🙂

Here’s a gorgeous time-lapse video of an arctic archipelago in Norway:

-A roundup of red plus size party dresses.
-I love Chubby Cartwheels’ new velvet crop top.
-So, apparently the Limited is bringing back Eloquii….yay? I’m kind of sick of clothing companies yanking us around by creating, closing, and then re-opening their plus sizes lines willy-nilly. They wouldn’t do that with their straight size lines.
Top ten plus size wedding dress designers.
-Lesley Kinzel gives her fat shopping tips.

Fat Acceptance
Maria King, this isn’t a “weight issue,” it’s a movement.
-“Why don’t you like my studies?”
-This Magazine interviews fat activist Jill Andrew.
Is fat and fit really a myth?
Workplace wellness still doesn’t work.
-“If you’re happy and you know it…
-Congratulations to Ragen, who finished a marathon!

Climate and Sustainability
-The bulk of this piece is nothing new, but I really like the idea of the “economy for the common good” movement, which I’d never heard of before.
-The latest depressing climate news: a new study has concluded that 2 degrees of warming, the current internally agreed upon climate target, would actually be a disaster. (Interestingly enough, although most outlets I read reported it as DISASTER CATASTOPHE OMG, Environment 360 chose the title New paper offers sweeping plan to decarbonize the global economy. So I guess there’s both scary stuff and solutions…)
10 steps toward an incredible edible town.
-I like this idea of special affordable housing for nonprofit workers.
-After receiving a bunch of “no”s, the student fossil fuel divestment movement is entering a new phase.

Jobs and the Economy
How a “normal” working week of 21 hours could address a range of urgent, interlinked problems.
Food stamps, credit cards, and public vs. private poverty.
-I like the initiative at St. Mary’s college in Maryland to cap the salary of the highest-paid executives at ten times that of the lowest-paid employees.
Charity is not a substitute for justice.
-Robert Reich answers questions about this week’s fast food strikes.
-“I was a warehouse wage slave.”
The solution to unemployment isn’t better trained workers; or, systemic problems have systemic solutions.
The exploited laborers of the liberal media.
We know who stole the economy–National People’s Action moves to take it back.
Professional identity: a luxury few can afford.

Everything Else
-If I ever get rich and visit England, I want to stay in this hot pink guest house with unicorn sculptures.
-Awesome pictures of black flappers and Jazz Age women.
Your ability to can even: a defense of internet linguistics.
The US killed my brother with a drone. I want to know why.
That’s not ok: Rashida and feminism vs. whores.
Mandela and the black diaspora.
Why violent crime is so rare in Iceland.
Social media campaigns are helping teach the American media how to talk about race.
Why does anyone still think it’s ok to listen to R. Kelly?
-I love the hashtag #bisexualfacts.
Of #fastedtailedgirls and freedom.
Coming out as biracial.
Gender transition as immigration.
-Daniel Jose Older writes about how he found his voice as a feminist of color.


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