Sunday links, 12/1/13

-This article about a company that makes custom suits for women and transgender people is a great illustration of why clothing matters.
-Affatshionista writes about Dare To Wear, a small San Francisco company that makes all of their plus sized goth/renaissance clothes locally. (You can see me wearing one of their tops, which I got secondhand, here!)
Snapadoo! Laughing with plus size blogger Cynthia Wilson.
-Patagonia celebrates old clothes that have lasted through the years.
-Danielle rounds up clothing that’s great for parties.
-If you’re in Columbus, Ohio, check out the Discount Fashion Warehouse, which has low prices and a good plus size selection.
An analysis of the fit of ASOS Curve items, many of which run extremely large. (This is true to my limited experience with the brand–I have a size 22 skirt and dress that fit me well, but could definitely stretch to fit someone much bigger, and I wear a size 16 in their leggings.)
The trouble with secondhand clothes.
Fashion Revolution Day 2014 will ask, who made your clothes?

Fat Acceptance
@DrJaneChi lays out some facts about Plan B weight limitations.
-Jessamyn writes about her experiences getting into yoga as a fat woman, with some great pictures.
10 better body affirmations for young people.

Climate and Sustainability
-Three important, powerful pieces: Learning how to die in the anthropocene, The climate movement needs to stop “winning,”  and This is my limit, I will suffer no more.

Jobs and the Economy
-A former labor force expert, who spent years helping people find jobs, writes about his experience with becoming unemployed: ” Suddenly, no, you cannot get back into the workforce.  No, we will not tell you why.  Try as hard as you like.  Beat your brains out until it finally becomes clear that you will never have a full-time job with bennies again. Never. Never.  Ever.”
This week in the sharing economy: the move to professionalism.
Uber and Lyft get a lot of hype–but ridesharing is a parasitic business model.
The real sharing economy is booming (and it’s not the one venture capitalists are cashing in on).
-This is so true, and relevant far beyond the field of massage therapy: Talking class in class–on money and massage.
The real humanities crisis: that it’s almost impossible to make a living in the arts and humanities, and suggestions for how to improve the situation.
An innovative approach to student loans that doesn’t quite resolve the student loan crisis.
The workers who bring you Black Friday.

Everything Else
I love Kate Gabrielle’s pastel wooden menorah.
For potential givers: a feed-a-single-family primer.
-This oasis of groceries in a low-income neighborhood sounds promising.
Veggies at the liquor store, and five other ways to bring food to your community.
5 things to celebrate about Indian Country.
This Thanksgiving poem by American Indian writer Jonathan Garfield is raw truth. (Note: he uses rape as a metaphor for stealing land, which troubles me; but I am passing it along anyway because I think the the overall poem is a powerful and necessary piece.)
16 beautiful portraits of humans who happen to be trans (possibly not work-safe).
Shame from all angles: why doesn’t anyone seem to respect teen parents?
-Spectra writes about her experiences being separated from friends and family as an immigrant.
Highlights from the gender neutral Swedish Toys “R” Us catalog.
I don’t need faith to have ethics.
Valuing our values: feminism, motherhood, and pink-collar work.


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