My #feministselfie contribution

Last week, the feminist internet kind of blew up (as it does every so often) with responses to a Jezebel piece condemning selfies.

Plenty of other writers have already covered what was wrong with the piece, and how selfies can be a liberating form of visibility–so I’ll just give you my favorite selfie.

I took this my senior year of college while getting ready for a Dresden Dolls concert–which, by the way, was amazing.




4 thoughts on “My #feministselfie contribution

  1. I admittedly don’t personally see selfies as feminist or “liberating” (though if they are for you, power to you!), but I also don’t see why people need a reason to like selfies. Enjoying it should be reason enough. Seriously, Jezebel author, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone (which selfies certainly don’t), what’s it to you what other people do in their free time?

    I like to take selfies as a form of a visual diary. I can tell so much about my mood, personality, and maturity level among other things by looking at the expression on my face. I take selfies at random times, candidly (I’ll record whatever I’m feeling in the moment, including if I’m visibly angry or crying or in mid-laugh or whatever). Then when I look back in later years, I can see how I’ve grown and changed and be transported back to that moment in time to reflect on it. I guess that is liberating in a way, actually, but it’s for me, not to make an activist statement to the world. And that should be ok; I shouldn’t have to defend my selfie-taking.

    You’ve given me an idea. I’m going to go searching for my favorite past selfie now to post on Facebook. 🙂

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