Sunday links, 11/24/13

green cat street art sticker

-The use of 3D scanners to personalize clothing sizes sounds promising.
-I love Ayleen’s steampunk ao dai outfits.
-Check out Amethyst, a fat paper doll!
-Fashion eye candy of all stripes: the Harajuku Fashion Show at the MCM Expo, Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop, Suzanne Bisovsky’s folk art-inspired clothes, and Takudo Maeda’s spring/summer collection.

Fat Acceptance
On exercise and assumptions.
-Rachel writes about not losing weight for her wedding, including gorgeous pictures.
-Ragen writes about some seriously bad medicine.
Tickets for the Body Love Conference are now available.
Health as a moral imperative: chasing gold stars.

Climate and Sustainability
-Cities around the world can learn from Seoul, Korea, whose mayor is a leader in post-growth economic re-development.
-I love creative activism, like these people who visited the Bank of England dressed up as carbon bubbles.
#WeStandWithYou: young activists fast for the climate.
Typhoon Haiyan: the global poor bear the deadly brunt of climate change.
Why the UN climate negotiations give me hope (in spite of everything).
Harvard students disrupt a Bank of American recruitment session: “We simply want jobs that do not poison the water we drink and the air we breathe. We simply want jobs that do not create droughts that wipe out our food supplies or strengthen the hurricanes that threaten our homes.”
-Pollinate Energy, a start-up solar company, replaces kerosene lamps with solar-powered ones in low-income households in India.

Everything Else
-On Twitter, disabled people shared their experiences with ableism in the hashtag #solidarityisfortheablebodied.
We rise together: resisting white institutional culture in publishing.
Quiet reflections: why I chose silence on Trans Day of Remembrance.
We matter! Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013.
Why I’m not a TEDx speaker: because TED doesn’t pay their speakers.
Beyond the so-called first Thanksgiving: 5 children’s books that set the record straight.
-More children’s books that look good: the Polkadot series, whose main character is a non-binary trans kid.
Cover Girl’s Hunger Games-inspired makeup line is in sickeningly poor taste; luckily, members of the Harry Potter Alliance are criticizing it and reminding the world what Katniss really stood for. They’re also doing lots of other stuff to fight for social justice, and I tip my sorting hat to them.

This video of cats stealing dogs’ beds–and dogs taking them back–makes me so happy.

Fresh Food Generation, a farm-to-table food truck that will serve Boston’s low-income neighborhoods, sounds awesome. I wish they didn’t mention “obesity” as a problem stemming from lack of access to fresh food (sigh), but otherwise I support them 100%.  If you’re interested in helping them make the food truck a reality, check out their Kickstarter!
Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and the discomfit of classism (I’m linking to the Google cache, as the blog is unfortunately down).
Teaching: the hardest job that everyone thinks they can do.
-Prepare to groan: 26 dangerous symptoms of being addicted to puns.
-Swedish artist Suzan Drummen’s kaleidoscopic crystal floor installations are amazing.

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