Sometimes I just get really angry that we live in a society where size is seen as a proxy for health, and health is seen as a proxy for virtue and worth.

Fuck that shit. We’re all worthy.

I hate how pervasive this shit is. How pervasive the stereotypes and assumptions about fat people are–such that sometimes, they come out of the mouths of the people you’d least expect. Out of them mouths of people who, 99% of the time, are on board with fat acceptance and HAES.

Those offhand remarks from supposed allies cut so much deeper than the constant stream of fatphobia from the greater world–which I’ve mostly learned to tune out, laugh at, or analyze intellectually.

It’s not fun to get hit in the gut with a reminder that the world sees me as inferior.

But it also motivates me.

It reminds me why I do fat activism. Why I post pictures of myself and others being unapologetically fat and fashionable, why I’m working to build fat community here in Boston. Why I stand up for the inherent worth of all bodies.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Those offhand remark from supposed allies cut so much deeper…

    So much. I was out with a friend who made a comment that “overweight” people couldn’t do a particular physical labor job that we’d been talking about. Only — I had just said that I had in the past done the exact same job.

  2. This drives me crazy in my maternal-child health work. I was reviewing a piece that will go up on a major health website in which they were talking about the dangers of obesity during pregnancy. They combined “overweight and obese” and listed all these risks–the article they sited was about women who had a BMI of 40-45 or more. They also did not mention that most obese women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies–it was all about how you are already a terrible mother because you are fat. I made them change the whole thing.

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