Monday Links, 11/11/13

Apologies again for the lateness of this week’s links! I’m thinking about moving the feature to Sundays in the future.

This weekend Steve and I took a somewhat impromptu trip to Western Mass to hike with my parents and then visit a friend (and meet her new kitty), and it was lovely. 🙂 I hope you all had a good weekend, and are enjoying today’s holiday if you have it off.

-The latest issue of Skorch is out! It features an amazing shoot of a drag queen wearing mostly Domino Dollhouse clothes.
-SimplyBe’s golden renaissance photoshoot, featuring a gaggle of fatshion bloggers, is gorgeous. There’s nothing like metallics and sparkle for the holidays.
-A Mighty Femme writes about her experiences with cutting her hair as a queer, Asian femme, and about the pressure to be fabulous within the fat acceptance movement as a way to counteract stereotypes.
-I’ve been reading a bunch of posts about Plus London 2013, a plus size fashion and community weekend. Unfortunately, many more people showed up for the Brand Day than for the Community Day, which says something troubling about the influence of corporations on fatshion communities.
Africa’s first fair-trade garment manufacturer is a model for women’s empowerment.
-Heather Ann discovered Blue Fish, a company that makes organic, ethically-produced plus size clothes. Their items are definitely expensive, and not everyone’s style, but I’m glad they exist.
-Igigi’s blog interviews Elizabeth of Culture Shocked on being an American expat fatshionista in China.
-Through this amazing post on Advanced Style–I aspire to be half that fabulous when I’m an old lady!–I found Lauren Shanley’s site, which is pure eye candy. (Note: some of her works are potentially culturally appropriative.)
-Isabel rounds up ten TARDIS-themed wearables in honor of Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th anniversary special.
-These tomboy flower girl outfits are adorable.
-Appalatch, a company that produces clothing ethically in the US, has come up with an idea for a sweater that is custom-made to the customer’s measurements, reducing fabric waste. Of course, their clothes don’t come in plus sizes–and to be honest, they’re pretty boring–but it’s a good idea, and I hope to see it catch on.

Fat Acceptance
-A must-read from the Fat Nutritionist on the concept of “real food.”
-Jes talks about her experience dressing up as a sideshow fat lady–and being photoshopped to be fatter–for a circus-themed photography project.
-Virgie Tovar writes about how editing Hot and Heavy changed her, and contributors Kitty Stryker and Jessica Judd also reflect on the book and their personal journeys.
-Six years ago, Heidi wrote a guest post for Shapely Prose about why she was having weight-loss surgery, despite believing in fat acceptance and hating WLS. Now, she reflects on the surgery’s physical and emotional effects.
Loving the body through pain.

Climate and Sustainability
This speech from Tim DeChristopher, one my climate justice heroes, is brilliant. He argues that we need to be honest about the radical implications of climate justice, rather than pretending that we can just keep the status quo but with renewable energy instead of fossil fuels–because the status quo isn’t working for the vast majority of people.
-A more recent, and equally important interview with DeChristopher: “We have to be the carbon tax.”
Strategy and tactics in the environmental movement.
-I love reading stories of grandmothers who are shaking up the world!

Jobs, Class, and the Economy
I came to Duke with an empty wallet: “The amount of money (or lack thereof) in my bank account defines almost every decision I make, in a way that being a woman or being queer never has and never will.”
We still are our jobs, but no longer by choice.
-Former contract workers from Google and Amazon describe their experiences and the problems with contingent workforces.
Too tired to hustle: “The problem with making your own luck is that it requires so much previous luck. To be nimble, to be ready, to have the excess emotional capacity to take future self-driven employment by the balls—you need to not already be tired, be scared, be in shelter-mode.”
Surviving the post-employment economy.

Everything Else
-I love the way Kate of Scathingly Brilliant has decorated her new apartment.
A discourse on brocialism: on Russell Brand, iconoclasm, and a woman’s place in the revolution.
-Some of the Hunger Games merchandise is truly absurd. Painfully ironic merchandising: just another side effect of capitalism, where any critique of the system gets co-opted and sold back to us.
-These portraits of older burlesque dancers are beautiful.
-I came across this steampunk coloring book on a recent trip to Michael’s, and I’m happy that such thing exists.
Malala and Nabila: worlds apart. I have no words for how wrong and shameful this is–both the drone strike that killed Nabila’s grandmother, and our government’s silence in response to her visit. I want to bear witness to her pain. I want our government to stop treating people like her grandmother as pawns in a foreign policy game, and start treating them like people.
-I also bear witness to the pain of Renisha McBride, a black woman who was killed when she knocked on a stanger’s door for help after surviving a car accident. It’s so, so, so wrong that this keeps happening.


5 thoughts on “Monday Links, 11/11/13

  1. The organic clothing retailer is waaay out of my price range, but very much my style, and it makes me sad to see the commenters of fatshionista tearing it apart. I can’t be the only fatshionista who’d rather wear layers of muumuus with lovebeads than skinny jeans with a graphic tee and scarf or somelike, but it sure does often feel like it. 😦

  2. I also thought a lot of the stuff at Blue Fish was beautiful! Most of it is probably not for me, and even if it were it is way too expensive, but I love this dress.

    And I don’t much care for the look of this, but it looks VERY COMFORTABLE! You could curl up and go to sleep in it!

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