#FFFaceoff: Black-and-white floral throughout the years

Some things never change; one of them is my love of photorealistic floral prints.

I put this outfit together for Kelly’s Fall Fashion Faceoff challenge, combining a skirt I’ve had since middle school (which is old enough to make it “vintage”–eek!) with a blazer I got about a year ago.

blazer: Torrid, skirt: Marshall’s (?) in 1998 or 1999, boots: Hot Topic in 2001, black dress: Target, belt: Re/Dress, shawl: not sure (possibly from my mom), necklace: from a clothing swap, headband; eBay

Apologies for the slight blurriness of most of these pictures; my camera has been really hating me recently for no good reason. Uggh.


2 thoughts on “#FFFaceoff: Black-and-white floral throughout the years

  1. That’s a great blazer and belt! You could definitely pair them with jeans and it would be a really polished but still fun and feminine look. I love how blazers look, but I find them really constricting. I’ve never tried Torrid’s, so I’m curious how you found the fit and comfort of this one?


    • Thanks! That’s a good idea, it would definitely look nice with jeans.

      This blazer is pretty stretchy, luckily. I don’t have much luck finding blazers, since most of them are too tight in the shoulders, but this one is really comfortable. It’s the only blazer from Torrid that I have, so I don’t know if their other ones are likewise stretchy and soft, but I hope they are!

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