Quote of the day and mini-links-roundup: for today’s “holiday”

“i live on the land of the massachusett people. they were killed in droves by infectious diseases brought by european settlers in the 1600s, and their national sovereignty was stripped from them in 1869 by the state that took their name, but the land is still unceded. today i celebrate the resilience of indigenous people everywhere.”
– my friend Elizabeth, on Facebook

She also passed along the following posts, which are important reads: 

A Columbus Day challenge.
Celebrating indigenous peoples, not Columbus.
Telling the truth about Columbus Day.
Savage and alive: Native students respond on Indigenous People’s Day.
An Ojibwe view of Columbus Day.
Mutilation and other carnage: 7 worst atrocities committed by Columbus.
8 myths and atrocities about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day.
American mestizo.

One thought on “Quote of the day and mini-links-roundup: for today’s “holiday”

  1. Reblogged this on A Hat Full of Ness and commented:
    Further to my post on Belle and Pocahontas, a brief post at Tutus and Tiny hats with a series of links to the atrocity that is Columbus Day (not that I knew of it’s existence before now – a sarcastic ‘yay’ for being English). Via one of the blogs, Native Appropriations, a take-down of ‘Indian’ fancy dress at Hallowe’en, with a more general explanation of cultural appropriation and why it’s utter shite, which partly explains why Pocahontas the Disney movie is fundamentally racist.

    On a more light-hearted note, do watch this music video of a chap-hop genius, Professor Elemental

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