Fat clothing swap, and new Boston fatties Facebook group!

Last weekend, my friends Elizabeth and Nicole held an amazing fat clothing swap. There must have been at least twenty people, and a fabulous variety of clothes. Just like at the Big Thrifty, there was a strong sense of community and encouragement. Everyone passed around dresses that didn’t fit them, hoping they’d work for someone else.

And everyone came away with some really, really cool stuff. This vintage dress–with a tag that says “Whirlaway Frocks!”–was my favorite find:

So wonderfully granny-chic.

There were also delicious snacks, including some incredible homemade donuts. And it was just such a wonderfully body-positive environment. Most of us were walking around in our bras for ease of clothing-trying-on, and it was wonderful to be surrounded by so many unapologetic fat bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s a picture of a few of the attendees. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t great and my camera was not behaving, so it came out blurry, but you can still see how happy we were:

In the car on our way there, my friend Eve was talking about the Boston Fatties Meetup group that she used to run, and how she no longer had the money to pay the fees or the energy to organize events. Erica suggested starting a Facebook group instead, so that there would be no fees and anyone could organize events.

And thus the Boston Area Fatties Meetup Group was born. If you’re a Boston-area, Facebook-using fatty, you’re more than welcome to request admission into the group! So far, there’s talk of a craft day, a shopping trip, and a holiday party. It feels so good to finally have a space to connect with all the rad fatties I’ve met at various events.

Here are a few more of my finds from the swap:

A brand new Eloquii dress, with its tags still attached!

An adorable Little House on the Prairie-esque dress, handmade by one of the attendees. It’s a bit tight, and really hard to get in and out of due to the lack of stretch, but I love it.

A lovely blue and yellow floral Torrid dress:

Also from Torrid, these two tops:

The purple one is a size 1, whereas I usually wear a 3 in Torrid, but it fits perfectly. That’s one thing I love about clothing swaps–getting to try on clothing you’d never buy online because it’s not your usual size, but finding that it fits just right.

This pink cardigan from Eloquii is the cutest thing! And I’m glad to have a pink cardi again, years after my last one (a terrible-quality thrifted one from Old Navy) became unwearable.

Although the vast majority of the clothes were feminine, there were a few masculine items. So I picked up a blue plaid shirt for Steve:

All in all, the swap was a wonderful chance to connect, build community, and get rid of old clothes while acquiring some fabulous new ones.

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