Friday Links 10/11/13

A delicious vegan chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting, made by my friend Emily 🙂

This week has been…well, it’s been a week. Pretty much everything in the news has been depressing and/or scary–being even a slightly-informed citizen is draining.  But I’ve also had some wonderful distractions, like apple-picking with my friends (which I’ll post pictures of soon). How are you all holding up?

Let’s talk about Gabourey Sidibe’s wardrobe on American Horror Story.
-If you’re in Cleveland and looking for part-time work, Re/Dress is hiring!
-The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas attended LOOT, an exhibition of gorgeous jewelry.
Bek’s guide to building a killer wardrobe on a budget.
-The clear jacket that Nadia Alboulhosn designed in collaboration with Mynt 1792 is amazing.

Fat Acceptance
#FatShamingWeek = UGH. There have been a ton of great fat-positive responses on Twitter, though, which I will try to compile into a Storify soon.
-A fat, disabled sexuality photoset.
Things that won’t necessarily prevent fatness.
It gets better, unless you’re fat: a personal account from a fat gay man who has faced much more bullying for his size than for his sexual orientation.
Fat liberation is…

Climate and Sustainability
Harvard’s four reasons for not divesting from fossil fuels, and why they’re all wrong.
This letter to the editor about divestment from a Tufts professor is incredibly powerful.
More than 50% of city freight could shift from truck to bike.

An inspiring video of young climate justice leaders from around the world gathering in Istanbul:

Everything Else
-This queer fake wedding is wonderfully glamorous and looks like a ton of fun!
-Two must-reads from Sarah Kendzior: a piece on unemployment and self-immolation (warning: unfortunately, there’s a picture), and this interview about academia, exploitation, and the positive uses of anger.
Why I stopped writing recommendation letters for Teach for America.
-Looking forward to a day off on Monday? Consider celebrating Bartolome de las Casas rather than Christopher Columbus.
If Miriam Carey were white, would she still be alive?
Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, and John Constantio: black Americans are living in a time of utter insanity. Not long after reading this, I came across the heart-breaking and infuriating story of Laporshia Massey, a 12-year old girl from Philadelphia who died from asthma complications when, due to budget cuts, her school had no nurse on duty. There are just no words.
Keeping up appearances: on blackness of “professionalism.”

Rachel Fridkin, a fabulous fat singer, covers one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard lately:

Enough with the open letters: let’s talk about appropriation and race. I also like this analysis of the Sinead O’Connor/Miley Cyrus drama.
-An important and thoughtful piece: Why class matters in teaching higher ed.
-A teachers’ troubling account of giving a standardized test to a classroom of 11-year olds.
Why I’m still a Catholic: I’m an American-born Korean adoptee, and sometimes Catholicism feels like my only culture.
African women are blazing a feminist trail: why don’t we hear their voices?
How domestic workers won their rights: five big lessons.
-This job posting parody is hilariously spot-on.
-Kaelah’s DIY geometric and glitter wall is gorgeous.
-A great comic about gender essentialist stereotypes.

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