Friday Links 10/4/13

Huzzah for fall!

It’s not technically Friday anymore (at least here on the East Coast), but close enough. Sit back and grab some popcorn, because I’ve got lots of interesting stuff for you!

-These holiday gowns from Tadashi Shoji are amazing. If I ever somehow become a rockstar and need something to wear on the red carpet…
-Speaking of red carpets, Emily tried out Rent the Runway Plus, which sounds really cool.
-And this seven-year old fashion critic has the best take on the red carpet looks at the Emmys.
-ASOS Curve is releasing a new runway-inspired line called Black Label. I especially like the black and blue flapper-style dress.
Flower bois: summer trend in butch fashion.
-Roxy writes about some of the negative effects that fatshion blogging has had on her.

This documentary about older fashionistas looks awesome.

Fat Acceptance
How to be a good ally to fat people who appear to have lost weight.
-If you’re in New York, check out this plus size pole dancing competition. It looks awesome!
-Everyone needs to read this: Stress mess: how “fighting fat” makes people sick. A taste: “With social status comes control over one’s circumstances – success at work, fostering loved ones’ well-being, being able to plan for the future, or even next week. The absence of those, no matter how punctilious our lifestyle habits, stresses our systems in disease-promoting ways. In contrast, being able to exert an influence over what matters to us is health-promoting.”
-Virgie Tovar gave a workshop on fatphobia and HAES at the Rebellious Nursing Conferece.

Climate and Sustainability
Tim DeChristopher’s letter to Harvard President Drew Faust, who has refused to divest the university from fossil fuels, is perfect. “Drew Faust seeks a position of neutrality in a struggle where the powerful only ask that people like her remain neutral.”
What the IPCC found: the big news from the climate assessment. I can only hope this will be a wakeup call to, well, pretty much everyone…especially considering that global warming could destroy the lives of 750 million people in the short future. This isn’t about cute polar bears or pristine wilderness areas–it’s about preventing needless suffering and death.
Is the IPCC right on climate change? Just ask the world’s farmers.
-The report reinforces what we already knew: that climate change will hit poor countries the hardest.
-It may not be enough, but it’s good news: US carbon dioxide emissions down 11 percent since 2007.
IKEAs in Britain will soon be selling solar panels.
A shocking train ride through the heart of China’s “airpocalypse.”
-Grist profiles two bicycling groups for women of color.

Jobs/The Economy
-Mikki Kendall, aka Karnythia, has finally started a blog! I really like her post on the good government job, a myth in three generations.
Welcome to Commonomics: how to build local economies strong enough for everyone. Lots of important points in here.
-Sarah Kendzior’s piece on how the government shutdown reflects a social breakdown is incisive as always.
-Michelle describes her experience with a lesser-known form of relationship abuse: financial abuse.
-How the government shutdown hurts students, especially those who are single parents.
Working for the weekend: putting full employment at the center of a new left-wing strategy.
Climate after growth: why environmentalists must embrace post-growth economics and community resilience.
-The citizens of Switzerland have a pretty great idea with the proposal of a unconditional basic income. I so, so wish the US would follow suit (although I can’t imagine it happening…)
Is economic mobility destined to be a zero-sum game?
Freelancing and the mythical work/life balance.

Art and Design
33 amazing home interior design ideas. I love most of them, although I think #8 would (literally) scare the shit out of me.
-Kaelah rounds up 15 chic home office spaces.
-These knitted sculptural installations are wonderfully whimsical.
-I love these sculptures made of fragments of broken ceramics.

Everything Else
Someone needs to stop making “healthy vs. junk food shopping comparison” infographics.
-A beautiful ode to mama’s feminism: “My feminism, like my mama, is braver than me, stronger than me, and keeps me grounded.  My feminism, like me, is complicated and full of contradictions.”
-What’s wrong with “rebranding” feminism.
The 21 most touching interspecies friendships you never thought possible. The pygmy hippo trying to nom a yellow lab’s face is the cutest thing!
How to celebrate Thanksgivukkah, the best holiday of all time. Mmmm, latkes with cranberry applesauce…

Pokemon + dubstep + violin? YES.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links 10/4/13

  1. From the HAES Files post:

    The World Health Organization uses the term ‘globesity’ to describe a supposed epidemic …

    (Bolding mine.)

    Does the word “globesity” make you think of a bunch of luminous fat people (GLOW-besity!), or is that just me?

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