Swing your partner and filibuster: a shutdown humor mini-roundup

Fellow USians: what the hell is going on with our government?

I haven’t had the emotional energy to follow the shut-down too closely–there are only so many stories I can read about children with cancer being turned away from clinical trials before I just want to scream–but I have read a few great pieces of satire about it. If you too would rather laugh than cry about the state of our government, read on:

From the Onion: US On Verge of Full-Scale Government Hoe-Down

According to congressional sources, the impending government hoedown could last well nigh until the crow calls, and government officials have already begun the process of raising barns and loading thousands of hay bales into the nation’s capital in preparation for a rousing display of square dancing, jigs, cake walks, and promenades, danced two-by-two.

Also from the Onion: What a Government Shutdown Means for You

  • You will still be able to send and receive mail, but any attempt to poison government officials will have to be held off until they return to their offices after the shutdown ends
  • Any harm that may occur to you during the shutdown will still affect your body in real life. Essentially, if you die in the shutdown, you die for real.

This one is more social commentary than humor, but it’s still funny: Slate’s If It Happened There…the Government Shutdown, which describes the event using tropes that are normally used to discuss events in other countries.

The current rebellion has been led by Sen. Ted Cruz, a young fundamentalist lawmaker from the restive Texas region, known in the past as a hotbed of separatist activity. Activity in the legislature ground to a halt last week for a full day as Cruz insisted on performing a time-honored American demonstration of stamina and self-denial, which involved speaking for 21 hours, quoting liberally from science fiction films and children’s books. The gesture drew wide media attention, though its political purpose was unclear to outsiders.


4 thoughts on “Swing your partner and filibuster: a shutdown humor mini-roundup

  1. Hi, Laura! I’m afraid this isn’t a comment about your government shutdown post (though I’m happy that I’m safely tucked away in Canada, away from that particular craziness!). I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks – I noticed that my vintage shop on Etsy (aquamarinedream.etsy.com) got some traffic from your blog last month. I’m not sure where I was linked, but I sure do appreciate the exposure.

    Best wishes; keep on tutu-ing!

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