Sunday links, 9/15/13

The best part of my commute is walking past these flowers every day.

I apologize for the lateness of this link roundup–this week was long and tiring, and then yesterday was Yom Kippur, so I haven’t had the chance to put together a post until now. But I’ve lots of good links to make up for it. 🙂

-I love all of these gold shoes.
-I read in a fat-pos Facebook community that Rachel, the creator of InYo yoga wear, is working on adding plus sizes, and is looking for feedback about what sizes people want to see. If you’re interested, shoot her an email at info at inyowear dot com.
-The fatshion-o-sphere got all excited about Cabiria’s show at Fashion Week–it was the first plus size NYFW show, which is awesome–but the clothing itself is not particularly exciting or groundbreaking. And personally, I’m not a fan of Cabiria due to their owner’s history of exclusion and shitty behavior toward other fat women.
-Through Marianne’s latest fatshion article, I found out the exciting news that the daily deals site Zulily carries plus sizes!
In praise of leggings as pants. YES.
-I keep finding adorable, fashionable kitties on Tumblr, like these two wearing pink angel wings and this one in a dapper waistcoat.

Fat Acceptance
-Lindy West’s boyfriend is as awesome as she is. He wrote beautifully about the importance of fat activism, and social justice work in general, in response to a guy who just wasn’t getting it.
When fat bodies just “look wrong.”
-Casey writes about her experience commuting by bike while fat and disabled.

This piece by a woman who is into feedism is really interesting.
-The Two Whole Cakes fatcast is back! I haven’t listened to the new episode yet, but it sounds great.
Fat personal trainer Louise Green sounds so awesome–I wish she lived in Boston!

Climate and Sustainability
#FearlessSummer: how the battle to stop climate change got ferocious. I’m glad to have taken part, in my own small way.
These pictures of the Richmond Summer Heat family brigade are so joyful and inspiring.  This is what activism should look like.
-So much yes to everything in this speech from Naomi Klein about why unions need to join the climate fight, and this open letter from 60+ climate orgs to the AFL-CIO.
Exporting environmental racism and classism.
Solar gardens put clean energy within reach of low-income families.

This Power Shift video from Australia is so inspiring, and I appreciate the presence of a fabulous fatshionista with bright red curls and a colorful outfit! (You can see her a few times throughout the video, including at 1:03.)

Everything Else
Dear white saviorists, Africa isn’t a playpen for your personal development.
I went to private school and it made me value public education more, not less.
Tweeting for racial justice: millenials take to organizing online.
Jealous, wanting, and waiting: privilege and (not) having enough sex.
Queer, disabled, and desirable: new ways of looking at sex and disability. This article also delves into the ways that race intersects with disability and sexuality, including the connections between chronic illness and environmental racism.
-This piece thoughtfully explores butch identities and tensions between older lesbians and younger trans men.
-These exploding flowers are amazing.

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