Cider-making, giant veggies, and a tiny horse!

Here are a few pictures of the adventures I had while wearing my new giant bow. Steve, my brother, and one of our friends went to a small-town harvest fair, where saw, among other things, a giant zucchini.

I also met an incredibly sweet 12-year old golden retriever therapy dog.

There was a cider-making booth, where we all took turns working the press (and catching apples).

Mmm, fresh-squeezed apple cider: there’s nothing like it.

We wandered around, checking out the prize-winning art and produce…

…and then headed out to a nearby field where my brother said there would be horses.

And indeed there were. There was a mother horse and a very friendly foal, who came over to hang out with us. According to her bridle, her name was Tiffany. What a pretty name for a pretty horse!

After tearing ourselves away from the adorable pony, we went out for Korean food and ice cream, and then hung out at my brother’s place for a bit, eating popsicles we had made out of the cider and watching funny videos on YouTube.

All in all, it was an awesome day. As much as I get bored of Boston and wish I had a new city/area to explore, I still manage to keep finding adventures here. And I am grateful for that.


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