Birthday OOTD: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

One of my favorite stylistic tricks is shameless copying. So when I came across this picture of an extremely bejeweled Betsey Johnson, I couldn’t help but put my own twist on it. If some jewelry is good, then more is better, right? 😉

Dress and skirt (gray with gold trim, worn under dress): ASOS Curve,  tiara: Kmart, pink pearl necklace: Claire’s, Tutus and Tiny Hats custom necklace: DiDepux, clear heart necklace and rhinestone metallic bangle: Wet Seal, pink plastic necklace: thrifted, black pearl necklace: gift from my grandmother, silver and pink bangles: Deb, pins: gift from a friend, heart charm necklace and earrings: Domino Dollhouse, tiny hat, roses and rhinestone necklace, and pink rhinestone bracelet: So Good, rings: really really old

These pictures are from the evening part of my birthday party. I’ll post pictures from the beach and dinner separately!

This is the cake that my friend Emily made!

Me and Steve being silly…

I shared the tiny hat love with Kelley, to whom I lent my tiniest of tiny hats for a steampunk wedding that she will be attending (jealous!).

Angry cupcake, My Little Pony, and Hello Kitty: the perfect birthday present.

10 thoughts on “Birthday OOTD: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  1. I think I have to find a tiny feathered hat. And layer on the jewels. I love both Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarantino, and I shamelessly copy looks too. I love all your pink, blue, and white accessories. Glad I came across your blog! 🙂

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