Friday links, 8/23/13

-Ragini rounds up awesome costume-y clothes in both plus and straight sizes.
-A big boo to Forever 21 for demoting all their full-time non-management employees to part-time.
Outfit ideas: how does a grown girl wear cat ears?
A history of fast fashion in comic form.
-Bella Styles interviews plus model Tiffany “Tip” Jones.
-I so want to make it to Fat Fancy, a radical fatshion boutique in Portland, someday. Virgie Tovar’s reading there looks like it was so much fun!

Fat Acceptance
-If you read one thing this week, make it this: The HAES files: death threats, anxiety, and dying while fat.
-Lindy West is brilliant. Always.
-Great pictures of fab fatties enjoying NOLOSE.
“Apology accepted” and other things I’ll never get to say to my former diet counselors.
-This watercolor painting of a fat flapper is the best thing ever.
I am not a fetish. YES.

Climate and Sustainability
A piazza on every block: how DIY placemaking is transforming communities.
-Bethany muses on mice, mountains, and risk-taking spirit.

I really like Spectra’s thoughts on the hashtag, which I Storified here.
-Brownfemipower describes a white feminist ally who worked with her.
-The lessons from this piece are important and can be applied to any social justice movement: what picketing taught me about feminism.
-The Hairpin interviews Mikki Kendall and Flavia Dzodan.
Feminism can’t be just for white women.
Solidarity is for white women of a certain class.

Everything Else
Antoinette Tuff, who prevented a school shooting using only words, is my new hero. Seriously, what a woman.
Why feminists should care about the Baby Veronica case.
Privileged tour guides and the purpose of media: OITNB and facing reality.
The language of European immigration is broken.
What I learned from Buffy about all the versions of my queer girl self.
Mothers are not “opting out” – they’re out of options.
-A raw, beautiful essay on desire, colonialism, and ending up in bed with a racist.
-Kit reflects on language about disability, neurodiversity, mental illness, and fat.
-It makes me happy that these geeky hula hoops exist.
-These delicious Eastern European recipes make me want to get in touch with my Polish heritage.

John Green on the tangled mess of reasons behind the astronomical cost of health care in the US (note: he briefly mentions “obesity” as something that doesn’t contribute significantly to health care costs, but he doesn’t question the pathologizing of fat bodies):

This jazz singer is so talented:

I found this video via That’s A Pretty Hat. The outfits are supposed to be for mothers of brides and grooms, but damn, I’d totally wear them. (And I love that pink tufted bench.)


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