Friday links 8/16/13

My favorite part of the farmers’ market. 🙂

Happy Friday! How have all of your weeks been going? I just started a new temp job as a Package Tetris Specialist (ahem, mail clerk), and it’s been good but exhausting. I am very, very glad that it’s almost the weekend.

-I so wish I could be in Oakland for Virgie Tovar’s pop-up shop. That pink cloche! *swoons*
-Speaking of hats, this Advanced Style hat roundup is amazing. New life goal: become an old lady with the coolest hats.
-Even more haaaats! I am particularly in love with, well, the one that says “LOVE” in giant flower-covered letters.
-Chubby Cartwheels has a new line of hologram clothing!
-Marianne reviews the Enell sports bra (my favorite), bandalettes, and a tank top called the Breast Nest.
-She also writes about her feelings about dudes who creep on online fatshion pictures, which is pretty much how I feel as well.
Steal her style: Ali Koehler of Upset.

Fat Acceptance
-I love these chubby girl illustrations.
-Oxygen’s new show in which formerly fat people get revenge on fat shamers? Ugggh.
-Check out this fat cabaret show in L.A.–it will be streaming live for people who can’t make it in person.
-Point your med-student friends to the new HAES Curriculum, which is “a peer-reviewed curriculum designed for teaching health professionals and university students about the Health At Every Size® model.”
Hey, assholes: deporting fat people doesn’t actually make them go away.

Climate and Sustainability
The growing buzz around the biocarbon benefits of farmland.
-I’m currently reading Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources. It’s a great exploration of what a non-growing economy could look like. The authors have a few clueless moments about gender and race (unsurprisingly, considering they’re both white guys),  but otherwise, it’s a really good book.
Tour de farm: a cross-country quest for the female farming perspective.

Everything Else
-There’s been so much important, necessary discussion happening this week in and around the #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen hashtag on Twitter. I highly recommend reading through the tag itself, some background from its starter Mikki Kendall, and Lauren’s reflections on what it means to her.
-On a related note, we need to talk about Hugo, race, and feminism. And yes, this is about race.
Dystopians for an unstable world.
Is New York only for the successful?
On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs.
Beyond prisons: think outside the bars.
-A painful and powerful story of immigrant detention, depression, and sterility.
Everyone should be horrified that California prisons sterilized hundreds of female inmates.

I like John’s analysis of power in this video. It’s not particularly new, but it’s well-said.

This nerdy love song is awesome:


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