If I were Gabourey Sidibe’s stylist…

Lesley and Nicolette have done a great job covering what’s wrong with the way Harper’s Bazaar styled Gabourey Sidibe for its recent “Singular Beauties” shoot. Go read their essays, then come back here for some ideas of how Harper’s Bazaar could have gotten it right.

I’m guessing Gabourey wears somewhere in the 28-32 size range, so I only picked clothes that come in those sizes (and damn, I wish this pink and black bow dress or this swirly-patterned silk dress did, because either of them would look amazing on her).

1.) Igigi has a million gorgeous dresses, many of which would work on Gabby–like this, and this, and this–but the one that stood out to me was this sneak peek from their upcoming fall collection. The sequins!

2.) The Abbey dress from the Pyramid Collection.

3.) The Baize dress from Queen Grace.

4.) Also from Queen Grace, the Gwen Holiday Skirt (which also comes in red!)

5.) Cult of California’s black sequin sleeve moto jacket could be the finishing touch on so many fabulous outfits. Can’t you just picture it with a custom tutu from Ouma and velvet platform sandals? Or maybe with a floral dress (like this ridiculously cute one with mesh cut-outs, which sadly only goes up to a 3x).

6.) The Mae dress from SWAK Designs. To be honest, SWAK isn’t super-high quality, but who cares when a dress is this sexy-glam? Gabby would rock the shit out of it.

7.) and 8.) Queen Grace’s Kara blouse in yellow and pink. These bright, summery colors would look perfect with Gabby’s coloring. And they could go so many ways, from vintage glam to boho chic.

If you were a stylist, what would you pick for Gabourey?

12 thoughts on “If I were Gabourey Sidibe’s stylist…

  1. I think jewel tones would look incredible on her – emerald, sapphire, amethyst, amber, etc. They would absolutely glow from the depth of her skin color, and she would shine just as bright as that jewel. That would be the direction I’d go in.

    And be daring with style! Yes, long, flowy, ruffly, dresses do look pretty on bigger girls. BUT I think it’d be awesome to see her in something form-fitting. Maybe some shorts with some funky-colored leggings and a tucked in top? I’d go crazy!

    • Definitely, she would look great in jewel tones!

      And I agree that daring-ness is a good idea. She would look awesome in something form-fitting and funky! I am putting together a few outfit ideas on Polyvore now, and will post them soon! 😀

  2. Your picks look fantastic! What were they thinking? I’m very impressed by how well she was able to let her personality shine through, though. If you can do that with a rug on your head, you’re doing something pretty amazing.

    • After posting that, I re-read it and thought it could be seen as a comment against women who choose to cover their heads. I didn’t mean for it to be. It just seriously looks like someone realized that they didn’t have clothes for her and literally tossed a rug over her to add some interest.

      • I know what you mean! It does look like they literally tossed a rug over her head. The scarf itself is pretty, but it’s tossed so carelessly on her. Definitely, her spirit and charisma shines through despite the terrible styling because she’s just that awesome!

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  4. You know what would be really neat? If hundreds of fatshion bloggers worldwide all made Style Gaby polyvore sets, spammed Harpers with them and publicised our communal displeasure at being continuously short changed by the fashion industry.

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