OOTD: rainbowliciousness, with bonus adorable animals

It’s funny how much more I feel like myself when I’m all decked out in pink and rainbow.

To most people, this would be a costume; for me, it’s what makes me feel most at home in my skin.

Tank top, shorts, and cardigan: Lane Bryant, tutu: Sisters of the Moon, sandals: Clark’s, headband: a toy store in Western MA, necklace: Kelsea Echo, bangles: Deb and Torrid

While taking these outfit pictures, I was lucky to run into not one, but two of my adorable furry neighbors!

This is Yuki, the fluffiest dog ever:

And Sophie, the sweetest (and loudest-purring) kitty:

Yuki, who is accustomed to dog-friendly felines, wanted to be friends with Sophie, but Sophie was having none of it. She hissed at Yuki, who looked puzzled.

Poor Yuki! You can totally see the “but…why can’t we be friends?” look on her face.

I love my furry neighbors. (The human ones are pretty cool too.)

Another thing I love about dressing wildly, over-the-top colorful is the positive connections I make with strangers. My rainbow tutu never fails to get compliments on the subway or the street–and those little moments always brighten my day. I like to think they brighten other people’s day too.

I wouldn’t say I dress for other people, but I can’t deny that clothing has a social component. And when what I genuinely love to wear matches up with what other people enjoy seeing, it’s pretty awesome.

What are some of your favorite fun, day-brightening outfits?


7 thoughts on “OOTD: rainbowliciousness, with bonus adorable animals

  1. The yellow-cardigan-rainbow-tutu version is my favorite OOTD so far. And I love the part about brightening up days; there’s nothing I love so much as that feedback loop of looking great -> increasing joy.

  2. Hi Laura! So glad your join my blog hop!
    Are cute you are, tutu wonderness and plus a Hello Kitty headband!
    I love it! I’m a big fan of mizzz kitty
    Have a great weekend

    Ariane xo

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