Friday links, 7/26/13

Erin tries out BeauCoo, a body-positive outfit-sharing app, and finds it promising but problematic in many ways.
-I love the kids’ clothing in this Etsy shop! They even have a TARDIS skirt and a tuxedo dress.
-A new Tumblr dedicated to alt-fatshion: Plus Size Goth.
This dog is so stylish!
-I so wish this sharkini came in plus sizes.
-Somebody, please, buy this size XXL skull lace dress with red trim so I can enjoy it vicariously.
-Canadian readers, check out Lucy Clothing!
-Kriss, a Swedish brand that goes up to size 2XL, now has an online shop that ships worldwide! It’s expensive, but they have some really cute stuff.
-Karyn takes down fashion “rules.”
-Another recent find: the Bargain Catalog Outlet, which has super-cheap clothes from various plus size catalogs.
Adventures in summer style with Harvey Guillen.

Fat Acceptance
This week in fat stigma: new study finds that fat female applicants are less likely to get into graduate school (also, water is wet, the Pope is Catholic, and I like cake).
On fatness and safety.
10 years of self-portraits and why it’s important to love your body now.
-Fathletes in Portland, check out the Obikesity biking group!
-Awesome fat blogger adventures: Heidi meets up with Hanne Blank and speaks about fatness to a college class, and Rachele attends a fat dance party and a Virgie Tovar reading.
All hail the fathletes.
-I love the new Tumblr, I Need Fat Acceptance Because… Check it out and submit your own reason!

Climate and Sustainability
Some important things to keep in mind in the fight for climate justice.
CERO is creating green jobs that pay off for people, community, and the planet.
-Fellow Massachusettians: there is now a petition to divest the state pension fund from fossil fuels.
Dar Williams; why the music of protest is still worth defending.
We have to embrace the apocalypse if we’re going to get serious about sticking around on this planet.

This dancer, who has partial paralysis in his legs, is amazing:

Everything Else
-Everything Sarah Kendzior writes is brilliant and devastating, and her latest piece is no exception: The American dream: survival is not an aspiration.
-Michelle reflects on having white privilege while raising a child of color.
D.I.-Why?: Emily Matchar on the allure of the “new domesticity.”
10 black child geniuses you should know.
Get a clue, McDonald’s: the other insult no one’s talking about.
Here’s what’s wrong with hijab tourism and your cutesy “modesty experiments.”
An Australian day of shame.
-s.e. describes the US’ culture of food hatred.
Goodbye to my American dream.
Orange is the New Black and the new trans narrative.
-Ozy writes about their experience with being in a mental hospital.

My favorite violinist, covering one of my favorite songs ever!

An awesome project: the Wizard of Ahhhs featuring Pentatonix.

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