Friday Links, 7/19/13

An awesome display I saw in Forever 21.

Happy Friday! This is going to be a long one, but it’s all really good stuff–take your time reading through it.

-Check out the IndieGoGo campaign for WeighTees, a company that will make funny t-shirts in sizes XL through 6X.
Black man in a dress: getting fresh with Wilbert.
The fat chick’s shopping guide for summer style: part II.

Fat Activism
-Fellow Bostonians, I know it’s last-minute, but I just found out about this body-posi beach day at Revere Beach on Sunday! I’ll be there for at least a little while, and I’m going to try to bring some friends–maybe I’ll see you there?
Why we should fight back against non-profits that “fight obesity.”  Ugh, I am SO SICK of seeing fat people blamed for everything from global warming and hunger. And I’m glad people are speaking up about it.
I don’t fit in my husband’s shirt. Get over it.
How to take the weight loss industry down.
This week in fat stigma: the Boy Scouts of America have forbidden fat kids from attending their 2013 Jamboree. Blehhh.
-Marianne is back at The Rotund–huzzah!–writing about intersectional fat acceptance, building community, and not being part of the mainstream.
Fat liberation is totally queer. YES!
Big men can bike: meet cyclist Ernest Gagnon.
4 women, 4 words: discussing the words that describe our big bodies.
-Jes rounds up the best body-positive books.

-If you read one thing about climate activism this week, it should be this profile of two activists who are fighting to close the Brayton Point coal plant in Massachusetts. A taste: I asked if putting your body in the way of a coal shipment is radical. “I don’t think it’s radical,” he replied. “I don’t think wanting a livable planet is radical.” 
-Speaking of the Brayton Point plant, if you’re here in Massachusetts, consider joining the mobilization to shut it down next weekend. It’s part of a series of Summer Heat actions around the country–you can find a full list here.
Climate movement in solidarity with #JusticeForTrayvon.
Plant matters: is photosynthesis the best defense against climate change?
“All of the above” is simply “more of the same”: Obama’s failing grade on climate change.
-An old post, but still relevant: how to talk to your friends about climate change.
How on earth? Flourishing in a not-for-profit economy by 2050.
A beautiful post from my friend Bethany on adaptibility, creativity, and moving forward despite uncertainty.
Neighbors helping neighbors in Appalachia.

The Zimmerman verdict/Justice for Trayvon
-Awesome: students have taken over Florida governor’s office demanding justice for Trayvon.
-This is long but very, very well worth reading: Some thoughts on mercy.
Is George Zimmerman white or Hispanic? That depends.
You mad yet? On the murder of Trayvon Martin and the question of tipping points.
Does black life matter more when raised and nurtured by white hands?
Who will march for Marissa Alexander?
Trayvon Martin: from lament to rallying cry.

Everything Else
-Captain Awkward writes about job search red flags and due diligence. As usual, there’s lots of good stuff in the comments too.
-I love how this writer applied his writing skills to fighting sexism: changing the creepy guy narrative.
-Hell yeah MA: Massachusetts figured out a simple solution to prevent domestic homicide.
A boys’ camp to redefine gender.
Welcome to the (Don’t Be) Evil Empire: how Silicon Valley is running the world, and destroying San Francisco.
-SO MUCH YES to all of this: “We’re number umpteenth!”: the myth of lagging US schools.
Feminism deserves better than “sex negative vs. sex-positive.”
Reproductive justice and the “war on women,” or, an ode to the intersections.
Everything you think you know about low-wage workers is wrong.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links, 7/19/13

  1. Surfed in via Feministe Self-Promotion Sunday. Very comprehensive round-up! I saw the writer post (“changing the creepy guy narrative”) earlier this week – loved it.

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