Friday Links, 7/19/13

An awesome display I saw in Forever 21.

Happy Friday! This is going to be a long one, but it’s all really good stuff–take your time reading through it.

-Check out the IndieGoGo campaign for WeighTees, a company that will make funny t-shirts in sizes XL through 6X.
-Black man in a dress: getting fresh with Wilbert.
-The fat chick’s shopping guide for summer style: part II.

Fat Activism
-Fellow Bostonians, I know it’s last-minute, but I just found out about this body-posi beach day at Revere Beach on Sunday! I’ll be there for at least a little while, and I’m going to try to bring some friends–maybe I’ll see you there?
-Why we should fight back against non-profits that “fight obesity.”  Ugh, I am SO SICK of seeing fat people blamed for everything from global warming and hunger. And I’m glad people are speaking up about it.
-I don’t fit in my husband’s shirt. Get over it.
-How to take the weight loss industry down.
-This week in fat stigma: the Boy Scouts of America have forbidden fat kids from attending their 2013 Jamboree. Blehhh.
-Marianne is back at The Rotund–huzzah!–writing about intersectional fat acceptance, building community, and not being part of the mainstream.
-Fat liberation is totally queer. YES!
-Big men can bike: meet cyclist Ernest Gagnon.
-4 women, 4 words: discussing the words that describe our big bodies.
-Jes rounds up the best body-positive books.

-If you read one thing about climate activism this week, it should be this profile of two activists who are fighting to close the Brayton Point coal plant in Massachusetts. A taste: I asked if putting your body in the way of a coal shipment is radical. “I don’t think it’s radical,” he replied. “I don’t think wanting a livable planet is radical.” 
-Speaking of the Brayton Point plant, if you’re here in Massachusetts, consider joining the mobilization to shut it down next weekend. It’s part of a series of Summer Heat actions around the country–you can find a full list here.
-Climate movement in solidarity with #JusticeForTrayvon.
-Plant matters: is photosynthesis the best defense against climate change?
-“All of the above” is simply “more of the same”: Obama’s failing grade on climate change.
-An old post, but still relevant: how to talk to your friends about climate change.
-How on earth? Flourishing in a not-for-profit economy by 2050.
-A beautiful post from my friend Bethany on adaptibility, creativity, and moving forward despite uncertainty.
-Neighbors helping neighbors in Appalachia.

The Zimmerman verdict/Justice for Trayvon
-Awesome: students have taken over Florida governor’s office demanding justice for Trayvon.
-This is long but very, very well worth reading: Some thoughts on mercy.
-Is George Zimmerman white or Hispanic? That depends.
-You mad yet? On the murder of Trayvon Martin and the question of tipping points.
-Does black life matter more when raised and nurtured by white hands?
-Who will march for Marissa Alexander?
-Trayvon Martin: from lament to rallying cry.

Everything Else
-Captain Awkward writes about job search red flags and due diligence. As usual, there’s lots of good stuff in the comments too.
-I love how this writer applied his writing skills to fighting sexism: changing the creepy guy narrative.
-Hell yeah MA: Massachusetts figured out a simple solution to prevent domestic homicide.
-A boys’ camp to redefine gender.
-Welcome to the (Don’t Be) Evil Empire: how Silicon Valley is running the world, and destroying San Francisco.
-SO MUCH YES to all of this: “We’re number umpteenth!”: the myth of lagging US schools.
-Feminism deserves better than “sex negative vs. sex-positive.”
-Reproductive justice and the “war on women,” or, an ode to the intersections.
-Everything you think you know about low-wage workers is wrong.

2 thoughts on “Friday Links, 7/19/13

  1. Surfed in via Feministe Self-Promotion Sunday. Very comprehensive round-up! I saw the writer post (“changing the creepy guy narrative”) earlier this week – loved it.

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