Big thrifty OOTD #3: Red dress

Eeep, I’m so behind on outfit posts! I have so many pictures I’ve taken and just haven’t edited and uploaded yet.

This is a dress I got at the Big Thrifty, and wore to Three Big Fat Voices. It’s the perfect summer dress–light and comfortable and also glamorous. I want to wear it all the time.

Dress: The Big Thrifty, sandals: Naot, rose bangle: H&M, other bangles: Torrid and Deb, necklace: Claire’s, earrings: Artifaktori, fascinator: Forever 21, sequined jacket: Kohl’s

8 thoughts on “Big thrifty OOTD #3: Red dress

  1. Nice outfit! I wonder if the fascinator still exists…

    How do you keep track of where you buy everything? I’d love to do OOTD posts on Fatshionista but I really have no clue where most of my clothing/accessories came from. =/

    • Thanks! I got the fascinator a while ago, so I’m not sure if F21 would still have it, but they always have a lot of good, cheap hair accessories.

      I don’t know how I manage to keep track of where I buy everything! I think it might be partly that I read tons of fashion magazines as a teenager, and they always listed where all the clothes came from, so I’m used to thinking that way…but who knows.

      In any case, I’m sure the other Fatshionista members wouldn’t mind if you posted OOTDs there and just said you couldn’t remember where you got the clothing and accessories. I think that visibility and support is a big part of the community in addition to the sharing of resources, so posting OOTDs without sources should be fine.

  2. I have a friend who has an incredibly infuriating habit of stating loudly and often that nobody but models and movie stars should wear bias cut clothing, because it’s “unflattering to everyone”. I keep trying to call bullshit on her but she keeps doing it. I wonder how many people miss out on wearing beautiful garments like your dress here because they get so sucked into the “flattering” rubbish? That’s a gorgeous dress and you’re rocking the shit out of it!

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