Friday Links, 6/28/13

Clearly, fat people didn’t exist prior to the last few decades. And none of them were ballerinas or anything. (source)

Happy Friday! This is going to be a long list, because SO MUCH has happened this week. As usual, feel free to link to interesting things that you’ve read or written.

-The lack of swimsuits available in larger plus sizes is a real problem.
-If you’re in Washington D.C., check out this exhibit about African-American styles of dress and identity. It looks fascinating (and I love the hats pictured!)
-More of Me to Love interviews Golda Poretsky about fatshion.

Fat Activism
-Melissa observes the ridiculousness of the idea that fat people are an epidemic, yet somehow rare enough that we don’t need media representation.
-A for Alpha writes to Melissa Harris-Perry about her failure to think critically about the AMA’s decision.
You’re not the first person to tell a fat person…
No shame in disease diagnosis.
If obesity is a disease, why are so many obese people healthy?
-Ragen takes down the calories in/calories out myth.

Climate and Sustainability
-Good news: Providence, RI has voted to divest from fossil fuels.
-More good news: Ed Markey has gotten elected to the Senate!
On Superman, Obama, and limits on power.
-There was a lot to like about Obama’s climate change speech, including a shout-out to the fossil fuel divestment movement! However, I agree with Eric of Science Pope that he should have spoken with a greater sense of urgency.
-Sex columnist Dan Savage has devoted his most recent column to…climate change. (I’m not the biggest fan of Savage due to his history of fat-shaming and other oppressive bullshit, but I’m glad to see him speaking up about the importance of the climate.)

Everything Else
-I love the new Tumblr We Are the 15%, which raises the visibility of interracial couples and families.
Why being a POC author sucks sometimes.
Doing burlesque while pregnant = awesome.
-Also awesome is the idea of Whedonesque Burlesque. I wish we had this in Boston!
Anthony Kennedy: the white dude who decides whether or not you get to have rights.
There’s no place like home: a love letter to Massachusetts.
Kate Conway and Stacey Bias reflect on the end of DOMA. And check out these 46 gay wedding photos that will make your heart melt!

Some music for celebrating the end of DOMA and Prop 8 (via Ragen):

And a wonderful, community-focused response to the news:

The (black) human body: thoughts on the death of Trayvon Martin.
Calling in a queer debt: on DOMA, the VRA, and the perfect opportunity.
-Texas state Senators Wendy Davis and Leticia Van Putte are my new heroes.
-The Amazon reviews of Wendy Davis’ filibuster sneakers are hilarious.
-It’s all connected: Thanks to the Supreme Court, Wendy Davis will probably lose her Senate seat.
-Marianne writes about the Supreme Court’s disturbing decision in the Baby Veronica case. For background on what’s at stake in the case, I highly recommend Radiolab’s episode on it. Indian County Today also has more about the case.
Race and gender in Doctor Who, beyond who plays the Doctor.

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