Pink with envy

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed my extreme love of Domino Dollhouse.

Their Nuclear Seasons collection has finally been fully released, and I’m just…wishing that half of it would magically find its way to my wardrobe, without the involvement of my wallet or bank account.

Especially the pink velvet pieces.


Behold the over-the-knee leggingsbodice tank, and snap short sleeve babydoll dress. My life would be 200% more awesome with the inclusion of any of these–especially the dress.

Funnily enough, I used to wear that precise style of dress all the time in fourth and fifth grade. This version is definitely more grown-up and much more fun! Unfortunately, it’s $100 (!), which is understandable given that it’s made in the USA and supposedly really good quality, but still way out of my price range. Same with the $90 galaxy dress from the last collection, which I still really want. *sigh*

The accessories from the collection are also fabulous–especially the metal spiked collar, pixie stick necklace, and rainbow crystal waterfall necklace.

An anonymous benefactor would be pretty awesome right about now…just sayin’. 😉

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