Watch City Steampunk Festival

Last weekend, I finally made it to the annual steampunk festival in Waltham. And I’m so glad I did. It was an alt-fatshionista’s dream.

Art, music, bellydancing, amazing costumes, tiny hats galore…and I even met the Doctor, who must have been taking a break from saving the world to attend the festival.

Here are a few pictures from the day, including some fa(t)shion highlights. For more, check out my Facebook photo album (which is public, so you can view it even if you’re not on FB).

I met this fabulous lady dressed in steampunk Lolita, and exchanged blog info with her. She has a Tumblr,  which you should check out if you enjoy the fusion of Lolita and other styles.

My friends Angela and Jeremy, who are really into historical style, had amazing outfits as usual:

As did Red, another one of my friends (and Angela’s sister). She dressed up as Kit Kasey, an airship mechanic.

Here’s me with Red and another one of our friends, whose name is also Laura. Huzzah for tiny hats! (I wonder if my tiny hat would have made a bigger impact without all the other flowers, but ah well…)

I also got to see Valtinen, who you may remember from his guest post about alternative fashion.

I’m not usually a big fan of chihuahuas, but this one had awesome style.

This hat = awesome. It wasn’t for sale, but I want to get a hat like it someday.

This mother and daughter were attending the festival together to celebrate Mother’s Day! How cool is that?

A few of the amazing costumes I saw throughout the day:

Make sure to check out my FB album for more pictures!

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