Friday links, 5/17/13

An awesome chalk drawing at the Harvard Square May Fair

Happy Friday! Here’s what I’ve been reading this week. Feel free to leave links to things you’ve read or written in the comments.

-I love the official pictures of Gabi Fresh’s swimsuit line (and the post also contains fit info on the suits). I wish it went beyond size 24, but I’m still glad it exists.
Cool new stuff from Fancy Lady Industries, including a gold glitter “fat” necklace!
-Stacey Bias explains what’s wrong with the “Fitching the Homeless” video that’s gone viral. A much better way to protest the comapny’s assholery: Occupy Abercrombie & Fitch.
The fat chicks’ shopping guide for summer style, part 1.

Fat Acceptance
-Vegans, check out this new Facebook group: Vegans against fat-shaming.
Not fat enough for fat activism?
-YES YES YES to all of this: Back off my fat body.
-Check out this call for submissions for a fab fatty zine!
-A great essay from the anthology Hot & Heavy: I came to femme through fat and black.

-I wish I could make everyone read this:  Why environmental “hypocrisy” is irrelevant and inevitable.
-In defense of a Fearless Summer.
-Awesome, and right here in MA: climate change activists blocked a freighter from delivering coal to a power plant.

Everything Else
What you should know about the Philly student walkout.
-Both Rachele and Natalie have powerful pieces about their experience with mental illness–their own or others’.
-So glad to hear this: former NASA engineer awards Kiera Wilmot scholarship to space academy.
Beyond bindis: why cultural appropriation matters.

Stopping urban violence by treating it like an infectious disease.
The rise of Beyonce, the fall of Lauryn Hill: a tale of two icons.
Why isn’t the New Orleans Mother’s Day shooting a “national tragedy?”
I’m a transwoman, and I’m not interested in being one of the “good ones.
A trans guy walks into a yoga class…
-I like Marianne’s musings on masculinity.
-I hate to make such a terrible pun, but…who am I kidding? I love to make terrible puns. In any case, this report is just more evidence of why you should take nutritional advice with a grain of salt. *ducks*
Three good responses to TIME’s bullshit, giant-squid-of-anger-inducing “millenials are lazy” article.

Every time I come across this video, I have to watch it…it’s just that awesome.

Body-positive poetry? Yes, please.

And body-positive music? Hell yeah!

One thought on “Friday links, 5/17/13

  1. Yesterday was the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I looked at discriminatory legislation this year and wrote about it in a few places on the Intarwebs:

    First, at PPAZ, a little on recent history and national (US) trends, starting from 1960 — when every state in the US had an anti-sodomy law on the books. Even though many of these have been overturned in the last 25 years or so, it’s not like these laws (or lawmakers) are a thing (or people) of the distant past.

    Because PPAZ is Arizona-specific, I also wrote about current LGBTQ-related legislation in Arizona. Finally, I went into a little more detail about why scrutinizing legislation matters.

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